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JPL Hackathon 2K17 is a game development competition for HTML game developers, Game development students and anyone interested in game development to join in. The registration of the completion starts on 25th November 2017 and closes on 30th March 2018.

By pressing “Enroll now” button below, you can register for the competition. Any games (HTML 5) that have not been released on or before 2017 can enter into the championship.
We believe in new game developers and want to give them the chance to show their games for a large audience. The Winner game will be selected for the JPL premier competition 2018 and rewarded with attractive revenues.


Rules And Regulations



The contest is organized by National skill india Mission on behalf of Jumpers Premier League and its registration open from 25th of November 2017  closes on the 30th of March 2018 11.59pm GMT.



1. The championship is meant for students, game development hobbyists, solo developers and other such developers.

2. The participant fills up the form provided via the enroll link with genuine information. The participant agrees that information on the enrolment form can be forwarded to judges of the contest. 

3. National skill india mission  reserves the right to refuse an application. 

4. Any material, assets or work that has been outsourced by the team must be clearly documented and this information sent alongside the application.

5. By pressing “Enroll now” button below, you can register for the competition.



1. The game cannot already have been published before the year 2017. 

2. When submitting your game, at least the following will be required:

  • The developing game must be multiplayer Browser games(HTML 5)
  • 5 Lap competition Games..(one lap 4 minutes)
  • Sufficient Space must be provided between each laps for ads/announcements
  • Source code along with a finished game is essential for verification
  • A document describing basic information of the game (name, short description, number of players etc.) and how to install and run the game.


3. The Finalised games should handover the source code and permission of the game to the authority.

4.Teams can submit a game using the existing content and materials. Team must own full right to use those assets.

5. Teams must ensure that their games do not break the existing Indian law.

6. Any breach of Rules will disqualify the team .

7. The organizers reservesthe right to make  changes to  these Rules as necessary.


4.Judgement Criteria 


The game will be judged based on the following points.



Is the game fun to play and able to keep the player interested ? 


Are the objectives of the game easy to understand ?


Is the artstyle of the game consistent with the game play ? Do the controls for the game feel right ? does the game run well ?


Is the game an entirely new concept ?, or does it combines old ideas in new, interesting ways ? Does it stand out from other games of it's genre .

5.Innovative Game Design

Games submitted to this category should be games that push the boundaries of current game mechanics and/or design. Examples include games that add novel mechanics that have not been used before, add new visual or audio themes/dynamics, explore new mixes of mechanics, story and character elements, automated techniques for adaptive designs, or explore new forms of interaction that are thought provoking. Developers that submit games to this category should be prepared to explain in the Extended Abstract how their design establish a new contribution within game design and should articulate why it is innovative and how it advances the current state-of-the-art


Push the boundaries of creativity and challenge yourself to craft experiences that deeply engage your players. This competition is open to all developers, working solo or in teams. Create a challenging game and you’ll get the chance to win the opportunity to run the game in the for the coming jpl premier league and show off your game to the world.


Frequently Asked questions


How Can I Enroll?

One member of the team needs to enroll and provodes the information about the team. After that the team will get a confirmation mail from Jpl Hackthon 2k17.

Can my application be refused ?

We reserve the right to refuse the application

Does my game need to be finished ?

No. Your game can be in any phase of development. The only requirement is that you will need to have a playable build or prototype.

Can my game be physical ?

No. Its purely online HTML game .

Can I Participate in multiple team of JPl Hackthon 2k17

Yes. But make sure your name in the teams list when submitting the list.

How can I find members for my team ?

There are several communities of game developers on services such as Facebook and Reddit.

Can we Submit several Games ?

Yes. You can submit as many games in to the contest as you like.

How can I contact you ?

You can contact us thorugh our mail


Enroll Now

For Further Details : JPL premier competition 2018

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Sai krishna

JPL started where ? Is this an international game / same as IPL.

Feb. 3, 2018, 2:40 p.m. Reply

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