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Feb. 10, 2017, 2:44 p.m.

Plumbers are technically skilled individuals with expert knowledge of pipe systems, sewage removal and septic tanks. Though requirements vary between states, plumbers are generally expected to possess substantial field experience and pass state-approved exams to obtain certification or licensure. Most train through apprenticeship programs that offer classroom instruction and on-the-job learning, although a few attend community colleges or vocational schools. 

Plumbing is a skilled trade requiring years of training and on-the-job experience. Before becoming a master plumber, you must spend years as an apprentice and a journeyman. In the plumbing trades, you start off with a plumbing apprenticeship then eventually make your way up the ranks to a certified master plumber. 

Get an Assessment Record

An Assessed plumber has a higher standard of knowledge and experience than a plumber who is registered or in training.  And they hold insurance that protects the consumer in the case of defective plumbing work.

As malfunctioning plumbing can present a significant health and safety hazard to both the occupants of a dwelling as well as the community at large, many places require that anyone working in the area of plumbing earn a plumber license. 

Are you a Skilled Plumber?

Plumbers hone their skills through extensive hands-on experience in addition to classroom work, which are both obtained from an apprenticeship, vocational, or trade program. Plumbers need good manual dexterity. Plumbers are often required to make precise measurements, they should have a grasp of basic mathematics; a knowledge of geometry and algebra is also helpful. Plumbers should be able to apply reason and logic to the problem at hand, carefully analyzing all alternatives and the advantages or disadvantages of each method. Some of the skills needed to successfully learn the trade and also keep up with off-job study includes a sound knowledge of English and mathematics. If you are a plumber who successfully learn the trade through skills, Nsim provides you a Skill Asessment Record to establish your career.

Benefits of Nsim Skills Assessment System

Nsim provides an objective way for:

  •  Employees to validate the talent they can bring to the job
  •  Educational providers to establish the value of their product
  • Employers to have a level of certainty about the skill level of an individual prior to hire. While third-party certification can be awarded after assessment and evaluation, totally apart from the education process itself, embedding certifications within education pathways benefits both the student and the employer. 

Features of Nsim Skills Assessment System

  • To improve employees' self-confidence level through Third Party Assessment.
  • To provide a platform for the employee to work in India and abroad via Nsim's valid Mobility Card and Nsim  Asessment Record..
  • To ensure better employment opportunity unique for the skilled hands.
  • To empower employee skill achieved by "Learning by Doing" in a way they could marvel in their career.
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How Much Does Nsim Plumber Assessment  Record Cost?

It is very important that if you’re interested in getting one, check the requirements and fees for the Skills Asessment Record Nsim offers.


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