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If you possess excellent grammar and communication skills and a keen interest in publishing. Then the position as an editorial assistant could be for you. If the following skill traits sounds like you, then you’re probably well suited for a career as a editorial assistant.

• have extremely impressive English language skills

• have a detail-orientated approach to work

• able to assist in the copy-editing when necessary

• be able to carry out administrative duties

You will need a great eye for detail, the ability to spot mistakes and excellent time management skills, so that you always hit strict deadlines.

With the growth of digital publishing there are increasing opportunities to work for online publications, which can involve editing and writing website content and using social media.



Editorial assistants provide support at all stages of the publication process for books, journals, magazines and online content. The majority of would-be editors begin their careers as editorial assistants, progressing through the editorial ranks once relevant skills and experience have been gained. Much of the work includes the following routine editorial duties:

• writing and editing copy

• proofreading and fact checking articles

• interviewing contributors

• researching images

• calculating expenditure

• planning and organising projects

• researching and commissioning features and new titles

• commissioning articles

• liaising with authors, marketing staff, designers and printers.



Editorial assistant don’t technically need a degree to get into editorial, entry into the profession without a degree is unusual.Any degree discipline is acceptable for entry into the profession, although a relevant qualification such as journalism, media studies or English can help. Employers don’t really look for specific credentials when hiring editorial assistants, although most editorial assistants have degrees in media studies, journalism, or the arts and humanities.

In general, employers put more importance on experience rather than academic credentials and degrees. However, this depends entirely on the publication.Specialist knowledge such as a science or languages background may be necessary for some opportunities. Previous writing or editing experience is essential.
Niche publications may require certain credentials or background experience. For instance, science-related journals may want applicants with a science-based academic background.

Editorial assistants should have good English skills (both written and spoken) and great editing skills (the position, after all, is a stepping stone towards an editor position). Moreover, great administrative skills are also essential. 



Key skills for editorial assistants include:


• Excellent verbal and written communication skills

• Adaptability

• Ability to work well under pressure and meet deadlines

• Proficiency with IT packages like Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite

• Proofreading skills

• Attention to detail



Typical employers of editorial assistants

  • Publishing houses

  • Magazines

  • Local and national newspapers

  • Press agencies

  • Academic journals

  • Professional associations

  • Large businesses with ‘in-house' magazines

Freelance editorial and proofreading work is also available if you can build up a network of contacts.


Here’s a chance for one and all to be independent and work ahead to lead your institution’s bright future

Nsim is expanding its network to give affiliations for the institutes those are willing to provide classes/training for editorial assistant in different part of the country. Interested institutes and the aspirants for the course can register in the provided link.



We hopefully invites institutions that are well known for their services in entertainment  sectors to act as an umbrella to mobilize candidates of your locality. Those institutions who are interested in forming  affilation with Nsim are whole heartedly WELCOME !!!



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