Bachelor's Degree in Tourism

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Tourism is one of the most booming industries in the modern era. It is one of the highest revenue and foreign exchange earners for any nation. This is the reason why a large number of students are taking up tourism in their Bachelor’s degree.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Tourism is an undergraduate course which is attracting a huge number of students every year from different parts of the country.

The course primarily comprises of tourism management, tourism development, and tourism industry. The students are imparted with the complete knowledge of tourist resort planning, food service management, intercultural communications, etc.

Many education and career consultants have concluded the fact that the primary reason behind its growing popularity is its importance behind strengthening the economy of the nation, along with that it helps create a lot of direct and indirect jobs. 

A student who is eager to pursue a bachelor's degree in tourism can get himself enrolled in several types of degrees. A bachelor in science program in tourism enlightens the students with the basic values of cordiality and tourism industries. It introduces them to the world of travel and creates a compact basis among the students in the field of the tourism industry.

The skills of marketing, management, and planning skills that are imparted, helps the students deal with their clients in an efficient manner. In addition, a bachelor’s of science in travel industry management enables the student to gain complete knowledge in management skills that are required in this field. It helps them to deal with the real world situations in a smoother way.

The most significant advantage for the students is that both the programs offer internships to the students so that they can gain enough on field experience even before entering the industry.


Eligibility: Any student who has passed the higher secondary examination from a recognized university of the country are eligible to opt for this course.


Duration: 3 – 4 years


Syllabus Structure: The syllabus is designed in such a way that it indulges various aspects of communication skills, personality development, and marketing skills of the students. Apart from these, it also enlightens the students with the fundamentals and advanced courses of the tourism industry and tourism planning.

A study of foreign languages has been considered as an integral part of the syllabus. 


How the Course is Beneficial?

 A bachelor's degree in tourism can be a life changing decision and can also be a huge opportunity for any student who wishes to take up this course. Taking up this specific course in the bachelor’s degree can be considered as the first step towards a highly evolving industry and will pave way for the students towards a career that has got huge prospects in the future.

Career consultants have concluded the fact that the tourism industry is one of the most recession-proof industries. This specific course helps the students gain knowledge on all areas that are required to manage clients and also to run their own travel agencies.

Apart from this, a specific student can also pursue their career as an organizer of several cultural functions, food service operator, etc.

A degree in tourism also helps the students to grow into young professional businessmen who will be able to conduct office tours, large conventions, and events and will also be able to promote theme parks, casinos, resorts, etc.


Job Role

  • Tour Operator: Tour operators provide customers with advice about where to travel as well as the best means of reaching such destinations.They devise, arrange, and promote holidays and travel options, working with hotels, airlines and other transport companies for ground travel, in order to execute the arrangements.


  • Tour Consultant: A Tour or travel agent's role is to help people plan, choose and arrange their holiday. They will usually work to a budget set out by whoever is planning the holiday. They also offer advice and opinions on where to go and local tourist attractions, events and customs


  • Lectures: To teach and assess on Travel and Tourism courses. There may be a requirement to teach on other related programmes. 


  • Event Manager: An event planner/event manager is someone who coordinates all aspects of professional meetings and events. They often choose meeting locations, arrange transportation, and coordinate other details.More 


Employment Area

  • Travel and tourism companies
  • cruise liners
  • Event management organizations
  • Entertainment organizations
  • Railways
  • Flight Centre
  • Corporate Traveler
  • FCM Travel Solutions
  • Airlines and hospitality industry
  • Coleges and Universities


Know where to Pursue a Degree in Tourism in India

The bachelor's degree in tourism is gaining popularity all over the world, especially in a country like India which attracts a huge number of tourists every year.

The National Skill India Mission (Nsim) aims to encourage the students to take up tourism in their bachelor’s degree so that the tourism sector is skillfully managed in the future. The tourism industry is gaining considerable importance of let and is attracting students from a wide variety of hemispheres. So, in order to meet up the demand, many colleges have started providing bachelor’s degree in tourism.

NSHM is one among the premier colleges that offer this course. They offer a complete four-year degree course in travel and tourism and also provide placement assistance to the students.

The college has been ranked as one of the best institutes in India that offer a degree in travel and tourism by CSR. So, the students can be completely sure of their placement in reputed tourism companies.

Amity University is another top institution that offers a bachelor’s degree in travel and tourism along with complete placement assistance. The duration of the course is three years and is considered as one of the best in the country.

Any student willing to take up travel and tourism in their bachelor’s degree can easily choose NSHM or Amity University as their preferred college since they offer the best in class degree course as far as tourism is concerned.

About Amity University

Amity University Uttar Pradesh was established under the "Amity University Uttar Pradesh Act, 2005" on March 24, 2005. It was founded by Dr. Ashok Chauhan under the Ritnand-Balved Education Foundation. Amity University is the largest private University of india and ranked number 1 pvt. University : Education Times.

Amity is the first and largest private (non-profit) University in India, the first wireless campus in India, the No. 1 ranked private Business School in India, the No 1 ranked biotechnology school and the best ranked pvt. Engineering School in terms of placements.

The unique Mentor-Mentee Concept at Amity ensures a constant interaction between the faculty and the students. A faculty member is assigned to a group of 5-6 students to counsel them on their academic and personal concerns. Their experience will help you gain the confidence and skills you need to be a corporate success.

Amity is always at the forefront of technology and education and was one of the first to launch programs like Cyber Law, Bioinformatics and Nanotechnology among many others.

Amity institutions now have over 2500 faculty members which include six former Vice Chancellors and many renowned scientists, academicians and corporate leaders.
The Amity Foundation has established over Rs. 50 Crores (USD 10 million) worth of Scholarships and Fellowships from which thousands of brilliant students have already benefited. 

Graduate/Post Graduate Programs Offered at Noida

1. Anthropology
2. Applied Sciences
3. Architecture
4. Biotech
5. Commerce
6. Communication
7. Computer Science/ IT Design
8. Economics
9. Education
10. Engineering
11. English literature
12. Fashion
13. Finance
14. Fine Arts
15. Food Technology
16. Forensic Sciences
17. Hotel Management Hospitality
18. Insurance
19. Language
20. Law
21. Management
22. Microbial Sciences
23. Nanotechnology
24. NGO Management / Development Studies
25. Nursing
26. Organic Agriculture
27. Performing Arts
28. Pharmaceutics
29. Pharmacy
30. Physical Education
31. Physiotherapy
32. Psychology & Behavioural Science
33. Rural / Urban Management
34. Social Science
35. Social Work
36. Space Sciences
37. Telecom
38. Travel & Tourism



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