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Nsim is all set to provide a service to the public by collaborating with professionals working in the sphere of freelance content writing in areas of job-oriented courses. Working with us, you can work from home and earn money for a living.  Enough room for personal growth is waiting  for you.

Having access to a searchable and actively maintained knowledge repository provides students and job seekers alike when exploring possible initiatives. Only a very few websites offer knowledge as an end product. Most of them provide plain information only. Students or job seekers look for specific knowledge required to set goals and not instructions.

We seek for writers who are skilled enough to sell knowledge that guides students and job seekers to explore new fields of study and employment areas rather than just to provide instructions or information.

All you have to do is meet our requirements to writers and choose assignments that you can cope with.

What you should do:

  • Create course details from any field and provide job related roles and career opportunities of the same.
  • Write original and high-quality content with proper argumentation and logical thoughts' development.
  • Meet the set deadlines.
  • In no case copy-paste any material from available Internet sources, as it will be considered as plagiarism and will result in a fine.
  • Have impeccable knowledge of the English language norms and rules.

Job Description:

  • All content must show justice to the topic and must prompt students to learn the course.
  • Give prior importance to job-oriented courses that are in demand today.
  • Use simple English that speaks directly to the audience.
  • Content must not be too short.
  • You have to use your writing skills and combine them with your research and deliver the best course outline.

Topic of the Content:

You have to find a particular job-oriented course first. Have a detailed study about it, especially covering areas of eligibility, syllabus, suitability, benefits, employment areas, job types, opportunities, career growth and whatever possible area you can reach.

Explore the possibilities of learning the course by clearly sketching out job roles with a description in 2 or 3 sentences. You should also add the skills that are essential for each job type. As every job has a set of skill, you have to clearly state mandatory skills, subsidiary skills and essential skills separately. You have to collaborate with concerned employers or employees working in the field to get data on skill sets.

Details about specified jobs should be in a separate article. You can also give references of colleges and if so, give a 2 or 3 sentence description about them.

Key Skills:

  • Must have excellent writing and editing skills
  • Must have a good eye for detail, with excellent spelling, grammar and punctuation skills

Through our platform, we are opening a tremendous opportunity for individuals to create their own jobs. By depositing your knowledge in our knowledge bank through our website, freelance writers can fully exploit their unique skill sets and capabilities to earn a substantial income from their service. There is an unlimited revenue source with knowledge economy as knowledge is the most sought after thing today. 

All you have to do is prepare your exclusive content and inbox us on nationalskillindiamission@gmail.com.

To know more about it, Don't hesitate to contact us on 0471-4014700

Join us right away!

You are invited to the successful world of freelance content writing jobs! Our platform is a knowledge bank, invest your knowledge and earn. Be a part of Knowledge Economy and reap unlimited yield...All the best!!!

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