Integrated Skill Assessment Record [ISAR] for Students , Job Seekers and Employees.

Dear Students and Job seekers,

National Skill India Mission is the branch of Bharat Sevak Samaj, a National Development Agency promoted by the planning commission, Govt. of India to ensure public co-operation for implementing government plans.

Have you ever thought why majority of India’s youth population are unemployed?

It is ironic that we spend years laying the basic foundation of knowledge from schools and later earn degrees and still find ours...

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Content Writer

1. Meet One New Institute Every Week

It’s a great opportunity to meet new Institute from a range of different worlds and understand things from their perspectives. Expanding Your network like this has helped open up new business opportunities Get out of the office and show up at something. You never know where it will lead.

2. Set Big Goals

looking to maximize profits and satisfy shareholders.

3. Find One New Product Every Week

Find new products and try to write their reviews


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Be a BSS Training Centre

Institutions can affiliate their center to Bharat Sevak Samaj , the National Development Agency to run their courses. More than 1500 Courses are ready in the Academic Council to help the centers .

Step 1

Fill the application at the end of this post

Step 2

Fill up the Application completely and submit it

The following documents are to be enclosed with the approval application :

For Category Courses, Demand Draft Rs. 33,000/- in favour of Bharat Sevak Samaj , payable at Tr...

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JPL Game Developer

JPL Hackathon 2K17 is a game development competition for HTML game developers, Game development students and anyone interested in game development to join in. The registration of the completion starts on 25th November 2017 and closes on 20th December 2017.

By pressing “Submit” button below, you can register for the competition. Any games (HTML 5) that have not been released on or before 2017 can enter into the championship. We believe in new game developers and want to give them the chance to show their games for a large audienc...

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Diploma in Integrated fashion designing [IFD]

Diploma in Integrated Fashion Designing [IFD]

Diploma in Integrated Fashion Designing is a Diploma level Fashion Designing course by Nsim. The course provides advanced creative, technical and software enabled training for the candidates who pursue career in fashion industry.

Diploma in Integrated Fashion Designing has been created for people seeking careers as fashion designers, stylists, couturiers, graphic designers, product developers and people wanting to establish their own fashion business or work in the busi...

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Skill Gap Filling Training Centre

Every year 15 million youngsters are entering the workforce, but more than 75 % are not fit for job demands. India will need 700 million skilled workers by 2022 to meet the demands of the growing economy. This imbalance is due to the lack of technical and soft skills.


Our country currently faces a huge shortage of sales associates, computer operators, beauticians, hair stylists, medical sales representatives, mobile repair engineers, plumbers, electricians, sewing machine operators, maso...

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Agro -Forestry Club

.Duties of Forestry Club - Melia Dubia Cultivation

Forestry is faced with the challenge of meeting an increasing demand for goods, as well as for an expanding array of services, like clean water, soil conservation, and wildlife habitat, from a fixed or shrinking land base. Solutions that balance forestry with the sustainability of other sectors, like agriculture and communities, are needed. Agroforestry, the deliberate cultivation of trees or other woody plants with crops or pasture for multiple benefits, is an important category...

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Assessment Centre

Do you know why skill assessment is crucial today?

Skills are the most important assets every individual possess. Well-honed skill sets give them the opportunity to master tasks and improve their work performance. This is why skills assessments are an essential part of a successful career. They allow corporates to find their quality employees, increase productivity, and narrow the performance gaps to fulfill their work responsibilities.

There is no doubt that Skill assessment and its feedback...

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Area Cordinator


The Area Coordinator is responsible for coordinating, consolidating, and ensuring smooth implementation of program and operations’ activities and adherence to Assessment Centre, Skill Gap Training Centre, human resource, administration and security procedures. At the regional/district level, the Area Coordinator represents National Skill India Mission to relevant stakeholders. Typically, the Area coordinator reports to the Head of Mission




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Fashion Studio

Fashion Studio is a new concept. It is a shop which does not store any dress materials. Instead there will be a large collection of 3D photos/ videos which will be displayed on a Digital Mirror. In these photos and videos, the customer can visualize different models and patterns of dresses suitable for any age, any size and any sex, and the customer can visualize his/ her image in the screen, wearing the selected dress. There will be an expert designer in the shop who can design a dress according to the taste of the customer, by using computer ...

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Social Media Marketers

National Skill India Mission is hiring Freelance Social Media Marketing Coordinators

National Skill India Mission, a subsidiary of Bharath Sevak Samaj, established in 1952 by Indian Parliament is a National Development Agency promoted by the Planning Commission, Govt. of India to ensure public Co-operation for implementing government plans.

We are looking for talented Freelance Social Media Marketing Coordinators to expand our institutional service. Your role is to implement online marketing strategies through so...

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Pattern Maker

The Designs done in the Design Studios are channelized to the Pattern making Centres for Pattern making. The development of a garment comprises of different process. Fit is the most important factor leading to the final acceptance or rejection of a garment. Good customized fit is dependent on the pattern drafting incorporating various shapes and proportions of the individual customer. With the onset of the Industrial Revolution, standardized patterns were essential to the success of ready-to-wear clothing.

Pattern making is an art. It...

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Institute of Integrated Fashion Designing(IIFD)

Integrated Fashion Designing Course (IFD) offered by NSIM is a certificate course. Our institution offers well-tailored fashion design courses for students and professionals alike, who aspire to carve a niche in the fashion business. IFD course offers students a curriculum that is industry aligned and provides participants with the technical knowledge as well as Industrial software understanding to resolve aspects in the fashion design. The approach in the fashion designing courses that our institute offers is creative, artistic, intuitive as w...

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