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Be an Entrepreneur in Video making Through Mlife 24x7 Videothon

Mlife 24x7 Videothon is a YouTube video developing competition for video developers, students and anyone interested in short video development to join in. It’s primary purpose is for these ta...

Who wins? - By Strive Masiyiwa

Control or growth? (Part 2)

The first question you must answer is this: What “kind” of money are you looking for? Is it debt or equity? I always let the business decide!

First o...

Can you keep control whilst being able to grow the company quickly? By Strive masiyiwa

Control or growth? (Part 1)

Watching Shark Tank on Kwesé Inc, as well as other shows on Kwesé Inc like The Profit, you should by now understand one of the big dilemmas of an entrep...

Your career is too important for you to outsource - By Strive Masiyiwa

#JobsMatter (Part 4)

When I was a young engineer, the government of India sent some retired executives to Zimbabwe as part of a mentoring exercise. They were assigned to various departments...

Help make hiring you easier! - By Strive Masiyiwa

#JobsMatter (Part 3)

I always appreciate reading your comments, and one of my favorite quotes from last time (by Steve Jobs shared by Desmond) was: "It doesn't make sense to hire s...

Allow people to do their jobs! - By Strive Masiyiwa

#JobsMatter (Part 2)

Over the years I have talked a lot about the importance of #People in building your business. Now let me tell you something which should be obvious: A...

What gives me sleepless nights - By Strive Masiyiwa

#JobsMatter (Part 1)

Congratulations to the 12 #GoGettaz finalists I announced a few days ago at the Abuja Town Hall. At you'll see fellow entrepreneur...

GET AHEAD: A 'life hack' guide to building careers in a world of vanishing jobs .Career Series - 1 By Muralee Thumarrukudy

Muralee Thumarrukudy, the Head of Disaster Risk Reduction at the United Nations, writes for Nsim's career series GET AHEAD. Career Series -1


Everybody aspires to have a fulfilling ...

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