Applications are invited for Apparel Training Centre.

ISHA Learning Banglore  is organising an Exclusive Program for the Apparel Sector. 

We are implementing to authorize 150 Apparel Training Centres across Kerala within 2 weeks. 

The programme will commence after the sanction from the concerned departments of State and Central Government's.

Existing training Centers can apply.

All you need is:

  1. A 200sqft classroom
  2. 10 nos of tailoring machine and lab
  3. A good instructor
  4. A mannequin
  5. 6 * 4 cutting table

Procedures would be:

  • A telephonic interview
  • A personal round of interview
  • Centre Inspection
  • TOT-Training of Trainers (A workshop of  3 to 6 days)

Duties and Responsibilities of the Centre

  • Training Centre timing would be 9 to 6
  • Training sessions would be divided into 2 batches i.e. Morning and Evening batch (9 to 1 and 2 to 6)
  • Machines should always be in proper condition
  • The instructor should be compulsorily available to impart the training during all batches
  • Centre would be exclusively utilized for only this Apparel Training and no other purpose.
  • Application form duly filled are to be submitted to NSIM.

Fee: Rs.10,000.00 only for application, documentation and inspection charges. On submission of this inspection and other procedures process will be completed.

How it works 

Thirty classes are included for one batch of 10 students.

Students of each batch will be provided with an evaluation sheet which has to be filled and mailed to

The evaluation sheet is actually the rating sheet of that particular Centre which has to be marked as

1. Excellent or 2. Good or 3. Satisfactory or 4. Average

After the thirty classes, on the basis of the rating the Centre will be alloted an amount as given below, which is divided and deposited to the centre's and teachers account in a propotionate share.

Excellent - Rs.42,500.00

Good - Rs.40,000.00

Satisfactory - Rs.35,000.00

Average - Rs.30,000.00

Now after completion of each batch, the best Apparel Training Centre across Kerala will be awarded with Rs.50000.00 and the Best Instructor would be awarded with Rs.25,000.00 

(Selection of best centre and best teacher in done on the basis of evaluation and rating,which is the sole discretion of NSIM)

*All Payments are made after deducting the service tax.

NSIM also provides Skill Assessment Certificates to people who are into stitching and tailoring but do not hold a official certificate in hand. This certifcate is issued on the basis assessment done by concerned authorities/institutions. Charges apply

The training is  under ISHA learning Banglore. ISHA provides students for these training centres.


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