Melia dubia originates from the Meliaceae family and is an indigenous species of Melia Dubia. The wood from this tree is used in Plywood Industry. The demand for Melia wood is quite high from the plywood industry. It is one of the fastest growing tree.

Melia dubia tree holds promise of good.

Duties of Forestry Club - Melia Dubia Cultivation

  • Safe Guard the Environment
  • Awareness programme for the Framers
  • Supply the saplings
  • Provide Support during the Cultivation
  • Provide Technical Training to the Farmers
  • Order Collection

Club formation

One Forestry club per Panchayat,with an executive board of 5 members,support members can go upto any numbers.

Why NSIM looks forward for this Forestry Club 

As per the latest reports the turn-over from Indian Plywood Industry in India is around Rs.40,000 lakhs crores. Industry sources also say that raw materials for plywood is being imported from different parts of the world like New Zealand, North America, Malayasia, Indonesia, Maynmar, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Island, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Liberia and Cameroon in the recent months. Now the raw materials are scarce,as trees ar not being cut down frequently.

Also, if the raw materials supply lowers down, it will immensely affect the people who are employed with this industry.

Now here is where the Forestry Club of NSIM works. The scarcity of raw materails for plywood can be moved on large basis by cultivation of Melia Dubia and more employment opportunities would be created. It would enhnace Indian export industires towards the supply of plywood.

Same are the situations faced by the Paper Industries: Scarcity of raw-materilas.

In the paper indutsry 1/3 of the raw materials are contrubuted from wood,1/3 from agriculture waste and 1/3 from recycling used paper. The shortage in wood brings a decline in the production of paper.

In India, in a year around 7 kilograms of paper is utilized by per person. But outside India the same is around 30-100 kilograms. Now as percentage of education increases, if the said 7 kilograms shows upto even 8 kilograms, it would mark an extreme requirement for raw materials for the production of paper,which again would become un-manageable.

The fastest growing tree in the Universe with no much damage, grows tall and straight.

Next is Bio-mass which is a renewable energy source, and has to be produced from raw materials.Melia Dubia accumulates a biomass of 300 tonnes/hectares in six years, and removes 150 tonnes of atmospheric carbon-dioxide. The Forest Research Institute says, cultivation of this tree will help to protect the reserve forests of India, by reducing the pressure on them for supply of raw material. 

NSIM aims to plant around 1 crore trees like this starting from October onwards within a span of 36 months. 150 Forestry Clubs are being formed across Kerala. An estimated 72,000 trees would be planted by each club in this span on 36 months.

Revenue of the Kerala Forestry Industry

The returns vary from Rs.2000.00 to 10000.00 each tree depending on the span of year.In 3 years in gives a revenue of Rs.2000.00 whereas in 10years it gives Rs.10,000.00.The trunover of Farmers wouldbe around 10000 crores.The Economic growth would be huge in-turn.

This Forestry Club is an initiative, named ARYA (Arranging and Retaining youth in Agriculture sector) .A Government oriented programme which has a vision to engross the youth of the nation to deliver economic sustainability.




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