Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Merchandising and Production is an undergraduate course. This is an undergraduate 3 year programme that offers student a unique opportunity to explore the relationship between innovative design and contemporary technology concept. The students will study the processes involved in the production of various fashion garments as these are the basic requisites for any successful Merchandiser. Fashion Merchandising and Production provides an opportunity to challenge clothing through technology, and in the process, develop innovative techniques for mastering fashion. Programme ensures to interact competently with other non-specialized areas of functioning necessary for competent design technologists. The programme emphasizes on intensive theoretical and applied training in core areas of Apparel production, supply chain management, textiles, and apparel merchandising and computer application.

How is B.A. (Fashion Merchandising and Production) Course Beneficial?

This programme aims to develop innovative, visionary marketers, with an excellent understanding of Fashion Merchandising and Production and confident communication skills. Course is beneficial for further studies.


•    Those who have completed the 10+2 or its equivalent exam from any disciplines having 50% marks can apply for the UG courses of 3 years in fashion designing.
•    Graduates in fashion designing can apply for the PG courses in the respective specialization fields like textiles, dress designing and so on.


Course Name

 Introduction to Textile Material

 Pattern Making

 Basic Merchandising-1

 Introduction to Management

 Elements of Fashion and Colour

 CAD Software 'Photoshop'

 Written Communication

 Elements of Management

 Introduction to Garment Construction

 Basic Merchandising - II

 Introduction to Yarn Structure

 Basic Marketing


 Wet Processing & Textile Finishes - I

 Pattern Making-Men's Wear

 Garment Construction- Men's Wear

 Production Methods

 Basic Retailing

 Marketing Principles

 Wet Processing & Textile Finishes- II

 Pattern Making Women's Wear

 Garment Construction Women's Wear

 Pattern Grading & CAD

 Production Process

 Retail Planning

 Entrepreneurial Development - I

 Basic Research - I

 International Trade

 Production Systems

 Production Planning and Control

 Production Costing


 Research Methodology

 International Trade Policies

 Working of Production House

 ERP Production

 Entrepreneurial Development-II


 Product Pricing and Sourcing


•    Galgotias University (GU)

Course Suitability

This course aims to create innovative and creative fashion designers with the practical and technical ability to achieve success. On graduating, students will have gained a comprehensive portfolio of skills, representing their creative design, evocative illustration, range building and garment manufacture abilities. This will be complemented by an in-depth understanding of production (computerized pattern cutting and mass production) and marketing (brand creation and promotion).

Job Types

•    Marketing and related specialist communications roles
•    Brand marketing (including retailers)
•    PR/press (in-house or agency)
•    Specialist communications (e.g. digital marketing agency)
•    Advertising
•    Event management
•    Styling
•    VIP/Personal Shopping (mainly department store)

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Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Merchandising and Production is an undergraduate course. This is an undergraduate 3 year programme that offers student a unique opportunity to explore the relationship between innovative design and contemporary technolo..

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