April 29, 2017, 12:25 p.m.

A lifeguard is a person who works at a swimming pool or a beach to keep swimmers safe. Lifeguards supervise swimming areas in order to prevent accidents. They make swimmers aware of potentially dangerous situations, and in emergency situations they carry out rescue procedures. It is, however, an extremely important job because it involves keeping people safe.


Lifeguards are expert swimmers and are extremely fit overall. Sometimes they are competitive swimmers, but this isn’t essential for this role.

Lifeguards must have CPR and first aid training to help those in distress as best as they possibly can.

Training and experience in management, supervision and program development is important, and a background in physical education is also an asset.

Good communication skills are also essential for this role, since you will be communicating with lots of different people.

Depending on the country, lifeguards may require certification or registration with a relevant sporting association.


  • strong swimming skills
  • observational skills
  • an excellent level of concentration
  • strong communication skills, especially in an emergency 
  • the ability to keep calm and act quickly in an emergency


Lifeguarding jobs are part of the leisure and travel industry, which is set to grow steadily from this year until 2020. It’s estimated that this industry currently employs 570,000 people and by 2020 it could employ as many as 598,000 people.
These figures are intended as a guideline only.


You need to be fit, focused and ready to carry out first aid in an emergency. You’ll need to be energetic, approachable and calm under pressure to be a great lifeguard. Also, if you're not social and active, you'll definitely hate this job.

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