May 20, 2017, 4:54 p.m.

National Skill India Mission is the branch of Bharat Sevak Samaj, a National Development Agency promoted by planning commission, Govt. of India to ensure public co-operation for implementing government plans.

We are pleased to introduce Integrated Skill Assessment Record (ISAR). ISAR is a newly developed tool used to evaluate, measure, and document the organizational readiness, working progress, skill acquisition, or educational needs of students/employees.

What is ISAR Score?

Integrated Skill assessment Record is an assessment record featuring the skills possessed by a candidate/employee based on a particular job role.  ISAR can be used by the candidates/employers as an effective tool for jobs in industries of India and abroad. 

You should assess your skills every 6 months. If you are adequately assessed and obtain 70% of ISAR SCORE, you are getting numerous bonuses. 

  • ISAR SCORE benefits for individual requirement as Skill assessment and upgradation of skills provides you the confidence boost on the tasks being handled by you.
  • Timely Performance Assessment leads to better understanding of your job and job responsibilities and enable you to act freely within the defined parameters.
  • Knowing your performance every 6 months helps you to take future actions.
  • You will get your weak points and can identify the improvement areas.
  • Getting opportunities to develop new skills.
  • You will get reputation in the industry as a knowledgeable person is always considered an asset and earns respect and regard of his colleagues.
  • You are freed from stress. As you gain knowledge on your task, you begin to enjoy your work which increases your output without putting you to undue stress and strain.
  • It enables degrees of empowerment.

Benefits for Candidates/Employee:

1. Skill Assessment will be done under the guidance and supervision of expert faculties.
2. If we find their score below average in skill assessment tests, skill gap training will be given by expert academicians and make them competent again.
3. We provide a Skill Assessment Record featuring all the assessment score sheets of candidate's skill evaluation. Candidates can showcase the skill profile when they apply for a job or attending an interview.
4. Skill Assessment Record can act as a catalyst for career advancement and boosts their confidence level.
5. The Skill Asessment  Record and Mobility Card we provide helps them greatly to attain their dream career.
6. We will send candidate's Skill Assessment Record to various HR and industrial heads for better placement opportunities.

How does it work?

Our Skill Assessment package is carried out using well designed tool. Every job-seeker/employee must undergo this in order to fit with the market trends.  Adequate analysis of skills will boost your performance and will lead you to the path of successful career. Nsim launches ISAR to ensure your skill updation.

Think a Step Ahead! Get your ISAR Score.

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