Hand Embroidery

Sept. 7, 2016, 2:20 p.m.


A fabulous opportunity to become a Hand Embroidery Instructor !! and a handful income of Rs.27,500 in just 30 days !!! Grab this opportunity in another 48hrs time. 

NSIM is looking for experienced instructors 3 in each district to become a hand embroidery instructor, for the   programme incoporated by ISHA learning Banglore proposed to be implemented in Colleges and Educational Institutions under different Government Schemes.

Total Vacancies: 40

This is how the programme is charted.

  1. There would be two batches per day from 9:00am to 6:00pm (i.e. morning and afternoon)
  2. Remuneration of Rs.15,000.00 for every 30 working days.
  3. Now the students are provided with an Instructor Evaluation Sheet where the classes are rated by them. This rating has to be achieved for atleast 27 out of the 30 working days. 
  4. Again an additional income along with the remuneration for every 30 working days can be earned on the basis of this rating, which is as follows:
  • Excellent - Rs.12,500.0/-
  • Good – Rs.10000.00/-
  • Satisfactory – Rs.5000.00/-

Students and classrooms are arranged by ISHA Learning Banglore through different schemes .

Topics to be covered  in Hand Embroidery classes are given below:

And the trainers are required to have an experience  all or at a least most of these .

Various types of stitches

1. Running stitch
2. Back stitch
3. Stem stitch
4. Satin stitch
5. Kashmiri stitch
6. Couching stitch
7. Cross stitch technique
8. Herringbone stitch
9. Different types of loop stitches
10. Different types of knotted stitches

Use and combine different hand embroidery techniques to create decorative designs such as

1. Cross stitch
2. Tapestry stitch
3. Shadow work
4. Mirror work 
5. English smocking
6. Cut work
7. Sindhi work
8. Kashmiri 
9. Kutch 
10. Zari 
12. Chikan 
13. Kasuti 
14. Kantha 
15. Chamba 
16. Pipilli

 Documents to be submitted

  1. Resume
  2. Passport size photo
  3. Identification Card
  4. Application form along with a fee of Rs.10000.00 towards documentation and co-ordination charges


  • Min 5yrs experience in Hand Embroidery
  • Good Communication Skill


  • The instructor would be registered as a Skill Knowledge Provider.
  • The instructor would be appointed after a telephonic and personal interview.
  • TOT would be organized (Trainers of Trainers) which would be conducted by the officals of ISHA Learning Banglore  with the help of  Apparel Sector Skill Council. Expenses for attending this training class has to be beared by the instructor. 

ALLOTMENT CLOSES on 8-September-2016 by 5:30pm 


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