Mlife 24x7 Video Club is all set to provide a service to the public by collaborating with professionals working together in clubs for developing short videos, giving importance on the unknown/unpopularised facts on your locality. Mlife 24x7 club is an ultimate opportunity for the club members to open the features and talents of their land to the world. Being a club member of Mlife 24x7 is not only a service but also enough room for personal growth is waiting  for you in Mlife.

We Invite for Mlife Video developing Clubs  who are interested enough to develop a short video that entertain the public to explore the features of your land/area/taluk , talents in your area, anything which you wish to present about your sphere(which might include persons, great personalities, talents, creativity, nature etc.. and all it must be from your space) rather than just to provide instructions or information.

All you have to do is meet our requirements to Mlife 24x7 Video Developing Clubs and choose assignments that you can cope with.


What you should do:


• Create an Mlife 24x7 video developing club in your own Area/Taluk which might consist of 5 to 20 club members.

• Develop original and high-quality content with proper description.

• Meet the set deadlines.

• In no case copy-paste any material from available Internet sources, as it will be considered as plagiarism and will result in a fine.

• Have impeccable knowledge of the video uploading terms and conditions of YouTube .


Job Description:


• All content must show justice to the topic and must prompt viewers to subscribe the channel.

• Give prior importance to your locality and that are in demand today.

• Use English/Malayalam/Hindi lanuages in the videos that speaks directly to the audience.

• Content must not be too large. The duration of the video should be less than 10 minutes.

• You have to use your writing skills and combine them with your research and deliver the best course outline.

• Each club should upload atleast 100 videos per year.


Topic of the Content:


You have to find a particular field for video developing. Have a detailed study about it, especially covering public interest, talents, creativity, promotion of the business, beauty of nature etc and whatever possible positive area you can reach. And all the aforementioned topics must be from your locality or Area.


Mlife 24x7 Assistance:


• Mlife 24x7 would provide sufficient training to the club members based on their demands on video developing.

• Training may include video editing, screen play developing and so on…

• Club Members should pay for required training programs.


How it Benefit to the clubs:


• Club members can get attractive revenues by making best videos (most likely attract higher paying of Mlife Patreons) through Mlife 24x7 YouTube Channel.

• Club Members can use Mlife 24x7 for absolutely free. 

• You can earn from the customers/skilled persons (whose videos are generating) for uploading their videos in Mlife 24x7 YouTube Channel.

• In case of YouTube, they pay you only if your videos reach 4000 hours, But Mlife 24x7 video channel will monetize your video when it reaches 100 hours.

• Mlife 24x7 is conducting a video developing competition (Mlife 24x7 videothon) between clubs. In which winner clubs are rewarding with attractive revenues in each months. So you can participate in it.

• You can earn by monetizing the  advertisments of your clients.

• Mlife 24x7 Patreons will give financial support for those clubs who are doing best and regular video uploads in the channel.

• Channel will provide you revenue, if your video get monetisize by the youtube through Mlife 24x7 Youtube Channel. 


Mlife 24x7 Patreons Assistance:


• Mlife 24x7 Patreons will give financial support to those videos, which attains minimum 100 subscribers for the channel and 100 hours reach.

• Mlife 24x7 Patreons also give financial support for those clubs who are doing best and regular video uploads in the channel.


Mlife 24x7 Patreons:


Anyone can be a patreon of Mlife 24x7 Channel. Patreons are those who willing to support the Mlife team and clubs not only in financial but also in any manner. The biography of registered patreon of Mlife24x7 will be published in nationalskillindiamission.in website.


Through our platform, we are opening a tremendous opportunity for individuals to create their own jobs. By depositing your creativity in our knowledge bank through our channel, Mlife 24x7. Each club members can fully exploit their unique skill sets and capabilities to earn a substantial income from their service. There is an unlimited revenue source with knowledge economy as knowledge is the most sought after thing today. 


All you have to do is prepare your exclusive videos and inbox us on Mlife24x7@gmail.com.

To know more about it, Don't hesitate to contact us on 0471-4014700

Join us right away!


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