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In some point of our life we all have done marketing at different time phase. Like in school we sell coupons to neighbours and family for school fete or for Red cross seminars. And in college we help promote our friend new business in campus. all this is part of marketing or direct selling. MLM is no different, it is network marketing in which you make a chain of numbers of people under you.


In MLM Marketing there is a good amount of profit of margin which is possible only because of no retailer or distributor involvement. This entire bulk profit is shared amoung chain in predefined percentage. Below we have listed Top 10 MLM Companies in Kerala 2018.




10)  ORIEN'S (alexa rank 37,499)


ORIEN'S is an inspiring, research – based nutraceutical company, with a perfect blend of skill set and resources, fostering growth in today's rapidly evolving health and wealth environment. Research has been our Strong Hallmark , where our success has been manifested in our R & D laboratories, with over two years of intense work, duly earning patents, for about dozens of nutritional supplements and creating a unique identity. Exhibiting a unique assortment of products and services, ORIEN'S is an eye opener, for aspiring people. From nutritional supplements, personal care, home care to insurance and tourism services, ORIEN'S is a rare wholesome combination, redefining comfort and showering wellness to the society.

Orien’s offers peerless supports to distributors and customers with a wide range of support services which includes printed materials, training programs converging on optimal use of technology, spreading our message of love and care.
Oriens Products include products of:



9) Mi Life style Marketing (Alexa Rank- 32, 249)


Mi Lifestyle Marketing  is a direct selling company that deals with a range of comprehensive and quality lifestyle products for day to day life. Our aim is to deliver the best products to our consumer, who forms the core of the company, directly. We ensure that our network of registered distributors are trained leaders and consumers gets best with special benefits and profitable opportunities, thanks to the increasing dominance of direct selling industry in the country.They are divided in to two separate business identity :

• MI LIFESTYLE – Direct selling (www.milifestylemarketing.com) 

• INDIA SHOPPE – Product Development, Retailing and Distribution (www.indiashoppe.com) 


Products involved  :


• Health care products

• Lifestyle products

• Wellness and nutritional products (body care, beauty care, personal care and home care)

• Coupons of various brands (Many reputed brands to be redeemed at full value)

Mi Lifestyle Marketing also has tie-up with various branded companies and corporate for retailing of the products directly to the consumers. Each product is defined with parameters like MRP, DP, BV, etc.


8)SmartWay (alexa ranking : 19,217)


• Founded on 25th, September 2014, New Delhi, Smart Way India Enterprises LLP (Smart Way) an ISO 9001-2008 company Our business strategy focuses on rewarding people for their networking efforts through a retail income program. 

• Smart Way has become one of the largest direct selling e-commerce companies in India. Presently Smart Way has more than 2 lakh distributors and many of them are regularly benefited with unique compensation plan.

• Registered Office in New Delhi, Corporate Office in Coimbatore, and Regional Offices in Bangalore and Palakkad. Renowned manufacturers tie-ups with value for money branded products. 

• The objective of Smart Way group is to connect Manufacturer - Customer directly with highly marketable, profitable quality product and related services. Long term plan with vision: Digital India a Programme to transform india into digitally empowered society and knowledge economy.


Products :  




7) Herbalife (alexa ranking : 11,578)


Herbalife International is a global multi-level marketing corporation that develops, markets and sells nutrition supplements, weight management, sports nutrition and personal-care products. The company was founded by Mark Hughes in 1980, and it employs an estimated 8,000 people worldwide.

In February 1980, Mark Hughes began selling the original Herbalife weight management product from the trunk of his car. Hughes often stated that the genesis of his product and program stemmed from the weight loss concerns of his mother Joanne, whose premature death he attributed to an eating disorder and an unhealthy approach to weight loss. His stated goal was to change the nutritional habits of the world. 

His first product was a protein shake designed to help people manage their weight. He structured his company using a direct-selling, multilevel marketing model.


Products :

• Herbalife's "nutrition" products include weight-loss and protein shakes. The company's products also include protein bars, teas, aloes, vitamins, and sports hydration, energy and personal care products. The company's original product is the Formula 1 protein shake, a soy-based meal-replacement shake. The product debuted in 1980 and as of 2015 was the company's best selling product accounting for nearly 30% of total sales. 

• Other products include products for heart health, digestive health, skin care, and the 24 sports line. Some products are vegetarian, kosher, allergen free, or halal.


6)  Indusviva (alexa ranking :11,154)


Founded by Olive Lifesciences- Bangalore on 17th January 2014, headquartered in World Trade Centre, Bangalore. As per 130th week (30th July 2016), it has over 57,000 Direct Sellers spread across most of the states in India and continues growing rapidly. It remits the incentives of Direct Sellers on every following Monday without any processing fee. It is committed to pay 50% of its turnover to Direct Sellers.


Products :


As of now company’s all product (All absolutely Ayurvedic) are into health segment and there is no substitute of these in India at least. So let’s start:


• I-Charge

• It is an energy health drink which has 84 precious herbs

• I-Coffee

• I-Coffee is made with superior quality coffee beans sourced from Coorg region of Karnataka. The key ingredient is Salacia reticulate.

• I-Slim

• It is a weight management solution. Those who are under weight or over weight or in other words have their BMI numbers very low or high can use it

• I-Pulse

• I-pulse+ is an antioxidant-rich blend of superfruits. It supports restorative powers that will supercharge your health and assist in delaying of premature aging.


5) Kevaind (alexa ranking : 10,272)


Keva Industries, an ISO 9001-2008 certified company is positioned as one of the most trusted brand name & a conglomerate in Healthcare sector in India with a dominant network footprint in more than 60 countries contouring as one of the world’s largest Natural Healthcare company ever since its inception backed by a strong track record of innovation.


Keva Industries is a legitimate business opportunity and it follows Direct Selling Standards as per Govt. of India. It has been conferred numerous nationally & internationally acclaimed certificates, approvals & awards.

Keva industries products include:




•Keva Home Care Products

•Keva Wellness Products

•Keva Herbal Products

•Keva Agriculture Products

•Keva Personal Care Products

•Keva Food Products

•Keva Health And Fitness Equipments

•Demos on Keva Products

•Keva Energy Products

•Keva Beauty Products

•Keva Electronics Item

•Keva Garments

•Keva Educational Tools


4) My vestige (alexa ranking : 3,604)


Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd., which started its operations in the year 2004, is a leading direct selling company dealing in world class health and personal care products. Vestige is constantly growing at a phenomenal rate every year. The growth rate in itself speaks volumes about the quality of the products, the marketing plan and the management that has been able to deliver such a rewarding and sustainable system.


Vestige is constantly expanding its product range to introduce innovative products every year, manufactured at state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, which are GMP certified. Vestige is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company and believes in offering world class service levels to all its customers. With over 2000+ online and offline sales outlets pan India, one international office and several distributor centres, Vestige has built a widespread network of distributors, which is constantly expanding every year.


Products :
















3) Modicare ( alexa ranking :3,020)


The Modi Group (consisting Godfrey Phillips India, Indofil Industries Ltd., Modicare Limited) is an Indian Business conglomerate based in New Delhi, India. It is a US $2.8 billion organization headed by Krishan Kumar Modi. The group has diversified business portfolio including cigarettes manufacturing, tea & beverages, entertainment, consumer products, multi-level marketing, chemicals, tertiary education and gourmet restaurants.

Products :

The company's brands include Four Square and FS1 cigarettes, Tea City, Dessange, Twenty Four Seven, and Modi Academic International Institute. Its multi-level marketing division operates under the business name Modicare.


Company History

Rai Bahadur Gujarmal Modi (1902–1976), founded the Modi Group, beginning with a small family run business, then expanding from 1932 onwards with companies such as Modi Sugar, Modi Vanaspati Mfr Co., Modi Paints, Modi Oils, Modi Electrodes, Modi Lanterns and Torch works, Tube wells/drilling, Modi Distillery, Modi Steels, Industrial Gases, Modi Spinning and Wvg. Mills Co. Ltd., Modi Yarn Mills, Modi Threads, Modi Soap, Modi Rubber and Modi Carpets etc.


2) RCM (alexa ranking: 2,467)


RCM Business is one of the top MLM company in India right now. It has become popular over the years because of its excellent marketing strategy and the benefits that a customer gets. RCM Business belonged to Chabra Group. The company is growing rapidly and it has more branches in India than ever.

It has over 8 million distributors, around 100 depots, more than 5000 PUCs, 1000 bazaars and shopping points and around 750 good quality products.


Product Lists

Some of the products that RCM has are the following

Toothpaste, Tooth Brush, Soap, Detergent, Liquid Blue, Pulses(Dal), Salt, Chilli Powder, All Types Of Spices, Haldi Powder, Flour (Atta), Tea Coffee, Biscuit, Pickles, Squash, Fruit Jam, Cooking Oil, Papad, Tomato Sauce, Health Drinks, Chavan Prash, Dhania, Hing, Hajmola, Hair Oil, Shampoo, Floor Cleaner, Utensil Cleaner(Soap/Liquid), Finayle, Mosquito Coil, Hand Wash, Naptholin, Pen, Pencil, Khata, Shirts, Suit Length, Sarees, Under Garments, Computer & Electronics, Insurance, Stationery


1) Amway (alexa rank : 1,240)


Amway (short for "American Way") is an American company specializing in the use of multi-level marketing to sell health, beauty, and home care products.The company was founded in 1959 by Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos and is based in Ada, Michigan.


Amway's product line grew from LOC, with the laundry detergent SA8 added in 1960, and later the hair care product Satinique (1965) and the cosmetics line Artistry (1968). Today Amway manufactures over 450 products, with manufacturing facilities in China, India and the United States, as well as Nutrilite organic farms in Brazil, Mexico and the United States (California and Washington State). Amway brands include Artistry, Atmosphere, Body Blends, Bodykey, Body Works, Clear Now, eSpring, Glister, iCook, Legacy of Clean, Nutrilite, Peter Island, Perfect Empowered Drinking Water, Personal Accents, Ribbon, Satinique, Artistry Men and XS.

Products :


Household cleaners

• Amway is best known in North America for its original multi-purpose cleaning product LOC, SA8 laundry detergent, and Dish Drops dishwashing liquid.


Health and beauty

• Amway's health and beauty brands include Artistry, Satinique, Hymm, Body Series, Glister, Moiskin (South America), Nutrilite, Nutriway (Scandinavia and Australia/New Zealand), Attitude (India), eSpring, Atmosphere and iCook as well as XL and XS Energy drinks.



• Amway's Artistry products include skin care, cosmetics, and anti-aging creams and serums.



• Amway's largest selling brand is the Nutrilite range of health supplements (marketed as Nutriway in some countries), and in 2008 Nutrilite sales exceeded $3 billion globally.



• Amway's eSpring water filter was introduced in 2000.



• On January 14, 2015, Amway announced that it had acquired XS Energy, a California-based brand of energy drinks and snacks.





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