National Skill India Mission, a division of Bharat Sevak Samaj, offers exciting opportunity for Business leaders/Vendors to promote their marketing features through our website..

National Skill India Mission is an online website where you can establish a professional profile for yourself or for your own business. Our goal is to setup a professional profile of Business/Business Leaders, which is a paid account that gives you more options. Our website let you put up information, links to your website and contact information for the branding of your business in International standards.. Consider these as potential contact points for your business If you are trying to establish links back to your web site these profiles are an excellent place to start. 

The Clients profile informations include their:

  • Biodata
  • Training participation details with photographs
  • Business related or promotion Videos
  • Business Testimonials
  • Business Credits and Achievements
  • Newspaper Reports
  • Company website


Why does your business need branding?

Effective branding can help your product stand out against competitors’. This is particularly important in competitive markets.

There is a range of methods you can use to make your product stand out. This can be as simple as using a colour in your design or packaging are not using and which creates a unique impression in the minds of consumers.

Remember, consumers choose products and services using emotional as well as rational judgements. So, you can use your brand to create a real point of difference.


How Branding through Nsim can add value?


Through Nsim website, you will be introduced to reputed companies/peoples all around the world. And Nsim act as a super platform for your business branding. Experience shows that customers expect to pay more for a branded product than for unbranded products. Would you expect to pay the same for a can of a supermarket's own lemonade as you would for a brand you recognise?

You can apply your brand to your whole range of products or services. This will allow consumers to associate each product in your range with a consistent set of values.

Also, if you want to extend your product range, consumers' perception of the new offering will be enhanced by your existing brand. By consistently applying your brand attributes your business can move into new market sectors without changing your core brand identity.

A strong brand can also add value to your core business. A company that offers equity shares needs to have a strong reputation. A recognisable brand communicates what your business stands for as well as what it offers.


How to Brand using Nsim?


Nsim introduces a new opportunity to the business personalities in all sectors to brand their products/services/company through Nsim website on absolutely reasonable rates which is affordable for startup business too. Nsim Classifies its entry level in 3 different classes. Such as class A, class B and class C.

In Class A , clients can add their business profile information along with 2D pictures, Business history, 5 business promoting videos on Nsim site, which cost Rs. 10,000/-per annum. For class A clients Nsim offers 3 times profile updation free for an year.

In Class B , Clients can add their profile along with 2D pictures , business history and 1 business promoting videos on the site at the rate of Rs. 6000/-year.

In Class C, Clients can add their profile along with 2D pictures and business history(which includes activities, function etc) on the site at the rate of Rs. 2000/ annum.


For Further Details: 

Contact: o471-4014800

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