Smartphones Repair Technician

The individual at work is responsible for rectifying faults in the Smartphone brought in by the customer.

The individual receives the faulty Smartphone, diagnoses the problems, performs front end or hardware level repair as required,  resolves software issues and ensures effective functioning before delivering back to customer.

Applicable National Occupational  Standards (NOS)

Interact with customer and perform front end repair, Repair and rectify the faults in smartphone, Coordinate with colleagues, Maintain safe and secure work environment.

Interact with customer and perform front end repair :This unit is about interacting with the customers and their customer requirements orproblems faced in the smartphone and performing front end repair where disassem-bling of hardware is not required.

This unit/ task covers the following: Engage with the customer, Understand the complaint, Check for terms and conditions of using system, Perform front end repair, Interact with supervisor or superior and achieve targets.

Repair and rectify the faults in smartphone: This OS unit is about repairing the faulty module in the hardware and checking for effective functioning. Also, software issues are also checked and rectified.

This unit/ task covers the following: Follow standard repair procedures and avoid damage, Diagnose the problem in the smartphone, Decide on the type of repairs to be performed, Assemble or disassemble the smartphone as per repair required, Replace or repair the faulty module, Fix the software malfunction, Document the repair process, Seek assistance from superior as necessary, Report and document work status and achieve productivity target, 

Coordinate with colleagues:This OS unit is about communicating with colleagues and seniors in order to achieve smooth work flow

This unit/task covers the following: Interact with supervisor or superior, Coordinate with colleagues

Maintain safe and secure work environment : This OS unit is about following adequate safety procedures to make work environment safe.

This unit/task covers the following: Follow standard safety procedures while handling an equipment, Participate in company’s safety drills and workshops

Knowlegde and Understanding

  1. Organizational Context B.Technical Knowledge


  • Core Skills/Generic Skills, Reading and writing, Professional Skills, Computer and hardware operating skills Using tools and machines, Reflective thinking Critical thinking Decision making Interpersonal skills Communication skills Behavioral skills

The following acronyms/codes have been used in the nomenclature above:

Sub Sector

Range of Occupation numbers

Passive Components

01 - 10


11 - 20

PCB Manufacturing

21 - 30

Consumer Electronics

31 - 40

IT Hardware

41 - 50

PCB Assembly

51 - 55

Solar Electronics

56 - 60

Strategic Electronics

61 - 65

Automotive Electronics

66 - 70

Industrial Electronics

71 - 75

Medical Electronics

76 - 80

Communication Electronics

81 - 85

PCB Design

86 - 90


91 - 95


Tools and Equipments

Opening Tools, Cleaning and servicing, Multimeter, LCD repair tools, Soldering and desoldering, Lamp, Magnifying glass, Other miscellaneous

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