UPS/Inverter Field Technician 

Also called, ‘UPS repair Technician’, this is an after sales service job for installing and providing support to customers of different types of UPS and inverters. The individual at work installs the newly purchased UPS or inverter. The individual also and interacts with customers to diagnose problems in them, assesses possible causes, rectifies faults or replaces faulty modules or recommends factory repairs for bigger faults.

Applicable National Occupational  Standards (NOS)

  1. Understand requirement of customer
  2. Install the UPS/Inverter
  3. Repair dysfunctional UPS/Inverter
  4. Interact with co workers

Understand requirement of customer : This OS unit is about interacting with customer to understand their requirement with respect to problem in the appliance

This unit/ task covers the following: Interact with the customer prior to visit, Interact with customer at their premises, Suggest possible solutions to customer, Achieve productivity and quality as per company’s norms

Install the UPS/Inverter: This OS unit is about installing the newly purchased UPS/Inverter at customer’s location and make it ready to use

This unit/ task covers the following: Undertake pre-installation site visit, Remove packaging and check accessories, Place the UPS/Inverter at identified location,Check functioning of the product,Complete the documentation,Interact with supervisor or superior,Achieve productivity and quality as per company’s norms.

Repair dysfunctional UPS/Inverter: This OS unit is about understanding the customer’s complaints, identifying the fault and fixing the UPS/inverter

This unit/ task covers the following: Understand the symptoms in the UPS/ inverter and identify the fault, Replace dysfunctional module in the UPS/ inverter unit, Confirm functionality of the repaired unit, Achieve productivity and quality as per company’s norms

Interact with co workers: This OS unit is about communicating with colleagues and seniors in order to achieve smooth work flow

This unit/ task covers the following:Interact with supervisor or superior, Coordinate with colleagues

Knowlegde and Understanding

  1. Organizational Context   B. Technical Knowledge


Core Skills/Generic Skills : Reading and writing computer skills, Teamwork and multitasking, Documentation skills

Professional Skills: Interpersonal skills, Communication skills, Behavioural skills, Decision making skills, UPS/Inverter operation, Using tools and machines, Reflective thinking,Critical thinking, Fault diagnosis skills

The following acronyms/codes have been used in the nomenclature above:

Sub Sector

Range of Occupational Numbers

Passive Components

01 - 10


11 - 20

PCB Manufacturing

21 - 30

Consumer Electronics

31 - 40

IT Hardware

41 - 50

PCB Assembly

51 - 55

Solar Electronics

56 - 60

Strategic Electronics

61 - 65

Automotive Electronics

66 - 70

Industrial Electronics

71 - 75

Medical Electronics

76 - 80

Communication Electronics

81 - 85


Tools and Equipments: Hand Tools, Battery Charger, Multi meter, Volt meter, Ammeter, Soldering Iron, De-soldering pump

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