National Skill India Mission, a subsidiary of Bharath Sevak Samaj, established in 1952 by Indian Parliament is a National Development Agency promoted by the Planning Commission, Govt. of India to ensure public Co-operation for implementing government plans.

We are looking for Freelance Assessors to tie up with National skill India mission inorder to expand our institutional service. Your role is to observe, record, classify and make reliable judgements about the behavior of those being assessed.


Key Objectives of  Assessors


Assessors have to demonstrate the capability to observe and record the behavior of candidates. Assessors have to understand the difference between merely looking for concrete verbal and non – verbal behaviours and interpreting these behaviours. They should be able to withhold early judgements.

Assessors should be able to organize their behavioural observations of candidates by job- related dimensions. And the another skill involves accurate rating of candidates on dimensions. This is critical.

They should have the ability to understand the requirements of the role and have studied the job specification. When scoring a candidate, the assessor must have to go through the key behavioural areas, each having more detailed descriptions.

Assessors should demonstrate the ability to integrate information from various exercises and finally they have to write formal reports and give feedback. This  ensures that each candidate is judged fairly and that the company or organization in which the candidate recruited has a thorough record of how a final decision was made.


Key Skills of Assessors


You should be selected as an assessor because you have some basic characteristics. These are:

 ● Able to observe accurately behaviours and the impact of those behaviours.

● Able to be objective in your observations.

 ● Able to record the observations accurately.

● Able to assess the observed behaviours against the required criteria and objectives


If you are interested to tie up with our team mail us your resume to nationalskillindiamission@gmail.com.

Interested applicants can register here --> Register Now

To know more about it, Don't hesitate to contact us on 0471-4014700 , 0471-4014800

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