Inviting Panchayat wise Skill Gap Testing and Training Centres all over India Under Nsim's Life Long Learning Program

A skills gap is the difference between skills that employers want or need, and skills their workforce offer. As the Business is evolving and employers need their workforce to keep pace. But when employees and candidates don’t have the knowledge or skills required, you need to bridge the skills gap. And the bridging of the skill gap is known as skill gap training.

Skill Matrix is chalked out for every employee based on the area they work on and the possible skill sets required to function effectively. For example:- A Training and Development professional need to have skill sets like Excellent Communication Skills, Coordination skills, Research ability on a topic etc. The rating is usually out of 5 for skill required in each category. Now if the professional receives a 3 out of 5 in communication skills, 2 out of 5 in coordination skills and 4 out of 5 in research, the skill gap stands at a 2, 3 and 1 respectively. So Inorder to overcome that skill gap, the employee/candidate must identify their skill gap by their own/by undergoing any skill assessment test. Based on the measure of skill gap, an employee/candidate is suggested to undergo a training for improvement. 

Are you looking for such a skill gap testing and training centre?

Then don't waste your time...National skill india mission is here with such an innovative life long learning mission.

We introduce ourselves as National Skill India Mission (Nsim), a branch of Bharat Sevak Samaj, National Development Agency promoted by planning commission, Govt. Of India to ensure public co-operation for implementing government plans.We are pleased to announce that National Skill India Mission is expanding its network in testing and certification of skilled workers. We have been in this field for many years but this year we would like to expand our wing to reach more horizons. We assess the skills already possessed by the candidates and give gap filling training to the skilled people to bridge the gap in the skill sector demands for that particular job role. We also ensure the skill obtained by candidates through formal learning to make sure the candidate’s ability, through a very competent way.


Our Role In a Nutshell


A candidate might have acquired a particular skill by experience from a workshop or from a Training Centre or by some other means. But he/ she will not be able to do the job  in the proper way,  only because of not having all the required skills for that particular job. . Here comes our importance. Our skill gap training centres assess the skills already possessed by the candidates and give gap filling training to the informally skilled people to  bridge the gap in the skill sector demands for that particular job role. 


Benefits of Nsim’s Skill gap testing and training?


  • Skill Gap Assessment will be done under the guidance and supervision of expert faculties.

  • If we find their score below average in skill assessment tests, skill gap training will be given by expert academicians and make them competent again.

  • Only skill gap oriented classes will be provided

  • Industry demanding updated skill training will be provided.

  • We provide a Skill Gap Training certificate featuring all the assessment score sheets of candidates skill evaluation. Candidates can showcase the skill profile when they apply for a job or attending an interview.

  • Nsim Skill Gap Training certificate can act as a catalyst for career advancement and boosts their confidence level.


Based on our recent survey, we found that there are numerous skilled human resourses all around India who are incapable to earn a living as they lack a document to prove their abilities. In such a scenario, it is quintessential to mobilize such skilled resources under an umbrella to assess their skills and certify them. On the basis of our studies regarding the above, we came to know that certain institutions marvell in any sector wise jobroles who are capable to mobilize and assess such resourses inorder to uplift them as skilled youth.

Trustworthy and liable training partners are required to tie up with us..........


Role of Training Centres


  • There are thousands of skilled, unskilled, job seekers and employers without holding any skill certificate. Training centres  have to mobilize such candidates.

  • Prepare questionnaires for skill analysis.

  • Assess the skill acquired by them: identify the skills a job requires and compare them to the beneficiary’s actual skill level.

  • Train them so as to fill the skill gap.

  • Again assess them to verify whether the required skill is acquired or not.

  • Prepare assessment sheet.

  • Assessment sheets are to be forwarded to Nsim for getting Skill Gap Training certifications.



Qualification Summary For Candidates

Formal educational qualifications are not needed for the candidates.

For getting Affiliation as our skill gap filling training centre, register here


For Candidate registration Click Here

FOR MORE DETAILS :  0471 4014800, 0471-2721600, 0471-2721400

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