Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Entertainment & Film Technology is an undergraduate Animation and Multimedia course. The entertainment industry is vast and ever expanding with unbounded ability to absorb talented man power. The course centres on digital video production and the creative applications that relate to the production of film and television programmes. It examines the use of current technology for video production in general and digital filming in particular. The use of computers for editing, mastering special effects and post-production is important elements of the course. This programme, students would be able to produce and manage assets in a variety of media (text, image, animation, sound, and video); use a variety of technologies employed in the entertainment industry and work effectively in sound and video studios.

How is B.Sc. Multimedia Entertainment & Film Technology Course Beneficial?

It is beneficial to find employment in diverse areas of multimedia (both application and content creation) across different industrial and cultural sectors. The course helps to develop the students’ understanding of the theory, principles and practices of multimedia and entertainment technology, including the operation within the industry. It helps to produce high-calibre, multi-skilled graduates with significant project management and multimedia production knowledge and vocational experience. The course gives a wide range of careers in the entertainment industries, or a more specialized programme of study in areas such as video, television production, music technology, graphics or multimedia. 


  • Students who have successfully passed 12th Standard/HSC/10+2 (or equivalent Level of Examination) from any recognized Board.


Syllabus of Multimedia Entertainment & Film Technology as prescribed by various Universities and Colleges.

Sem. I

Subjects of Study


Desktop Publishing

Digital Art Photography



Sem. II

Digital Photography (Part II)

Transferring digital photographs




Sem. III

Fundamentals of web designing & java script

HTML Basics

2D Animation



Sem. IV

Flash website design

3D Introduction & Advanced (Modelling & Animation) Part I

3D Introduction & Advanced (Modelling & Animation) Part II



Sem. V

Video introduction & advance

Digital editing

Sound editing



Sem. VI

Script writing & story board designing

Realistic concepts of animation & special effects

Director basics



Course Suitability

Course is suitable to learn creativity within design disciplines and develop an awareness of multimedia technology practices. They should be competent at identifying, analyzing and solving multimedia design problems. Course is also helpful for further studies.

B.Sc. Multimedia Entertainment & Film Technology Colleges

  • Desh Bhagat University, Fatehgarh Sahib
  • Institute of Tourism and Future Management - ITFT, Mohali
  • St. Soldier Management and Technical Institute, Jalandhar

Job Types

  • Film Content Manager
  • Technology Admin Assistant
  • Research Associate
  • Teacher

Advance Course in B.Sc. Multimedia Entertainment & Film Technology


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