April 25, 2017, 10:36 a.m.

Digital photographers use digital cameras to take pictures and then edit those images on a computer. Images can be cropped, colored, reshaped or enhanced before being stored on a hard drive, compact disc, memory card or flash drive.


Digital Photography doesn’t require a formal education at entry level positions. Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography or a related area is an added advantage to build a successful career. What is most important is that digital photographers must be knowledgeable working with digital cameras, computers, editing works, software and printing. A strong understanding of photography techniques, previous work experience and photography skills will help digital photographers to a great extend in the field.


Technological advances, specifically those relating to digital photography, are expanding both the opportunities and challenges of professional photographers.On a scale of low to high, demand for the services of professional photographers is projected to remain static through the end of this decade. Overall employment trends slightly favor self-employed photographers over those who secure traditional full-time employment. Advances in digital photography have brought increased efficiency and affordability of professional photography enterprises, easing entry into those ranks, but have also allowed amateurs to more easily fulfill their own photography needs without resort to the services of professionals. As with most professions that require both artistic skill and technical knowledge, the market for photographers favors those who have the greatest depth and breadth of demonstrable experience.


The major challenge in the growth of the photography industry is due to the increased use of digital photography and decreasing prices of digital equipment. Advances in digital technology allow more of individual consumers and businesses to produce their own stills. Thus the future of this industry mainly rely on creative, innovative, and technologically and business savvy freelancers than with traditional salaried photographers. Work experience, job-related training, or some unique skill or talent can also improve a photographer's job prospects.


It is not new that companies identify the challenge of recruiting qualified skilled workers. They cannot find individuals with the knowledge and skills they need and they are constantly faced with turnover and lost productivity. They may find candidates who are qualified formally but may not be satisfied with their work as the candidates may not possess the actual skill that the company was in want of a particular job role. In such case, we act as succor to find right skilled candidates for them.

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There are many unemployed graduates in our country today. It is because their qualifications and skills do not match job market needs. A mere 20% of today’s workforce has the skills needed for 60% of the jobs that will be arising within the next five to ten years. So it is not important whether you are graduated or not but it is time to upgrade your skills to suit for a particular job that you apply for. To solve the imbalance, all you need is to assess your skills based on your job role and get skill assessed. If you choose to, we will assess your skills. And if you encounter a skill gap, we’ll provide you with the gap filling opportunity to acquire more contemporary, relevant skills and continue your career journey. We will act as an aid to get you fit into appropriate jobs. We will also send your Skill Assessment Record to various HR and industrial heads for better placement opportunities.

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