Do you know why organizations do employee performance evaluation? If no, here is the answer to it...

By Arunima Nath

Performance Assessment is both an evaluative process and a communication tool. Even though performance assessment/appraisal has to be done to employees to improve their performance, it is not much followed by organizations today. Employee performance evaluation is disliked by supervisors and employees as this process consumes a huge amount of time and cause huge cost to organization.

Many organizations do performance assessments only because everyone else does. Some other does this only to make sure they have a record in the employee’s file. Sadly, there are only a very few organizations that understand the importance of incorporating performance appraisals into their performance management process and strategy.         

What is exactly performance appraisal?

A performance appraisal is an evaluation done on an employee’s job performance over a specific period of time. It is the equivalent of a report card on an employee and how their manager assessed their performance over the prior year.

Advantages of performance appraisals:

  • They provide a document of employee performance over a specific period of time.
  • They provide a structure where a manager can meet and discuss performance with an employee.
  • They allow a manager the opportunity to provide the employee with feedback about their performance and discuss how well the employee goals were accomplished.
  • They provide a structured process for an employee to clarify expectations and discuss issues with their manager.
  • They provide a structure for thinking through and planning the upcoming year and developing employee goals.
  • They can motivate employees if supported by a good merit increase and compensation system.

New practice to Assess Employee Performance:

With the advent of technology, digitization of work processes is on the rise. Hence, measuring the actual and keeping a record of the goals is getting easier with each passing day. Organizations have to wake up to this possibility. The discussions have to achieve what they are meant to recognize the achievements, make the employee feel proud and agree on the opportunities to improve further.

Performance assessment if not done right, can create a negative experience. They are very time consuming and can be overwhelming to managers with many employees. So we suggest a help here. We provide well-structured third-party assessment criteria for employee performance evaluation and we are bound to assess them for your employees.


Create a successful working environment with committed and happy employees within your business by using a third party to conduct an employee engagement survey.

For every business, staff is one of the main components. They help establish your company and helps in productivity. Since they represent your company, you want to make sure you understand what drives them and gauge their commitment to your business.

An adequate employee performance assessment is the best way to find and maintain quality staff.  It also ensures the career growth of the employee which in turn promotes the organizational growth.

Conducting an employee performance assessment via a third party company provides more benefits and better results than doing it alone. You want to make sure that you get the best information possible. 

Third Party Assessment of Employee Performance profits greatly to employers due to the following reasons:

  • First of all, this is a great way of finding which employee should be given a promotion. As we clearly denote the score and graph of competency, it makes employers easy to find the right candidate to promote.
  • Secondly, it is also useful for transfer decisions. Appraisals with background data will enable management to select proper persons for promotions.
  • Organizations always find it tough to figure out the best employee. It is essential to maintain the best workers to increase the productivity of the firm. Through our assessment record, employers can find it easy to find and retain the best employees.
  • Performance appraisal can be used to compensate the employees by increasing their pay and other incentives. Employees can filter out better performers and are rewarded with merit pay.
  • Performance appraisal also enables managers to coach and counsel employees in their career development.
  • Last but not the least, accurate and current assessment data regarding certain employee’s helps the management in talking decisions for future employment. Without the knowledge of who is capable of being promoted, demoted, transferred, laid off or terminated, management cannot make employment plans for the future.

So all in all, by conducting adequate performance assessment of employees and employers/management are equally benefited.

What we do for organizations:

Third Party Employee Assessment is beneficial both to the employees and employers. For a rapid growth of an institution, there is a high demand of skilled workers. This paves the way for adequate employee performance evaluation. But many companies consider it waste of time or they may not know how/in which way to conduct performance assessment qualitatively. In such a situation we are helping companies in this regard.

Each employee has to fulfill a set of competency to excel in the job role in which he/she is appointed. In order to assess them, our assessors will determine the combination of assessment methods to determine competency for each job role of the employee.

We assess participant’s current knowledge, skills and attitudes to undertake the required task to the specified standard. 

Our assessment methods:

  1. We are bound to supply assessors to your organization every 6 months to supervise employee performance while a supervisor or others of the institution also stand alongside.
  2. Assessment will be conducted each six months that will be notified early to the organization.
  3. We begin assessment based on our checklist and there is no room for a separate time for assessment. It is conducted in between the usual work time of the employees without affecting the functions of the company.
  4. Assessment Checklist documents all updated employer-demanded employee skill parameters of current demands and requirements.
  5. Our Performance Assessment Record is unique in which specific skills, mandatory skills and essential skills are clearly denoted. This is an overriding document to record competency.
  6. Assessors marks against each skill specified columns and based on their input scores are generated.
  7. No one is perfect. It is same with employers too. If some of them could not perform well with the assessment process or if they lack any current set of skill, they are likely to be given gap-filling training. This can be done by the organization or can be done by us through our gap-filling training centres.
  8. After assessment, we will prepare relevant documentation (PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT RECORD) and will submit to the employer.
  9. All documentations are entitled as PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT RECORD  for each employee. This in turn helps them to improve their performance in order to get promotions and salary hike.

Employers who are looking for new practice employee performance assessment can utilize our service. For details mail us on nationalskillindiamission@gmail.com 

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