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May 27, 2017, 3:47 p.m.


By Nsim Team

The aviation industry forms the backbone of any nation and is also responsible for generating huge revenues every year. This is one of the main reason behind the growing popularity of airport and airline management course, especially in a country like India where the aviation industry plays a crucial role in garnering huge revenues for the government.

It is also responsible for generating a significant number of jobs for the skilled youths of India both directly and indirectly. So, in order to enter the aviation industry, the youth of India from all parts of the country are opting for BBA in airline and airport management after their high school.

The course is extremely lucrative and promising and its popularity is increasing with each passing day. The course aims at training the students and making them skillful as far as managing the airports are concerned. The sole motive of the course is to generate employment for all the students in the aviation industry who have taken up this course in their graduation.

The primary focus of the course is to impart the students with the knowledge of airport planning, security in the airport, fire safety, handling hazardous goods, regulation of laws and rules of the government etc. The most significant advantage of taking up this course is that it has got huge scopes of employment in India as well as in abroad.


Eligibility: Any student from any stream with a higher secondary degree from a recognized board can choose to pursue this course in their graduation. But, the student must be within the age limit of eighteen to twenty-five years.


Duration: 3 years.


Syllabus Structure:

The syllabus entirely focuses on developing the management skills of every particular student. So, in order to impart the best management skills among the students, they are first taught to improve their communications skills in English.

Besides this, the students are also trained to develop their analytical skills. This is done by focusing on accounting and mathematics as the primary subjects of BBA in airline and airport management.

Along with these, the core subjects of the aviation industry have also been included in the syllabus, these primarily include airport organization, travel management, resource and logistics management, crew management and public relations in the aviation industry.


What The Degree Offers?

The airport and airline management course is one of the most unique and vibrant courses in India. It not only guarantees employment to all the students but also makes sure of an interesting and promising career in the future.

Any student willing to enter the aviation industry via the BBA in airline and airport management course can be completely sure of getting employed in the reputed civil aviation companies.

The thorough knowledge on cockpit resource management, ground handling, ticketing and cargo reservations that they will gain from this course will enable them to handle all the situations that might arise in an airport. Special training is also given to the students so that they do not panic even if any sort of emergency situation arises in the airport.


Benefits of Choosing BBA-Airline & Airport Management

An administrative course in airlines and airport management can be a student’s best decision in life. It can be considered as one of the most lucrative and promising career that one can ever choose.The starting salary of any student after the successful completion of this particular course is quite high when compared to the other management courses.

The most significant advantage of choosing this career is that it has got a huge growth path and anyone who is willing to work hard can go on to achieve one of the highest administrative posts in the aviation industry along with a very good annual package.

The job profiles are also very interesting and it will never fail to excite the professionals in their work field. It also provides lump-sum incentives and perks to the highly performing officials.


Job Roles:

  • Air Traffic Controller: They are the expert professionals who are responsible for managing the air traffic efficiently. They observe the speed and altitude of the flight visible on the radar in their designated airspace and in turn, keeps on updating the pilot. The position of an air traffic controller is a very important one and requires highly dedicated skills, abilities, and knowledge.


  • Airport Executive: The work of an airport executive is of great importance and requires highly efficient managerial skills. Their main duty is to evaluate and coordinate the operations of an airport and also to check whether all the directions provided by the senior authorities have been carried out smoothly or not.


  • Flight Attendant: Flight attendants belong to the crew members in a fight and are primarily employed by the airline companies. Their main duty is to look after the needs of the customer and also to make sure that all their demands are met. Their sole responsibility is to make the journey of the customers a pleasant one. 


Employment Areas:

  • Airline Companies like SpiceJet, Air India, and IndiGo etc.
  • Executive and Managerial Posts in Airports
  • Customer and Flight Support Executive in Airports.
  • Transport Managers in airline companies like Etihad, Air India, IndiGo, and SpiceJet etc.


Know where to pursue a Degree in BBA-Airline & Airport Management

The growing popularity of airline and airport management course in India has created a huge demand among the students to take up this course in their graduation. So, in order to meet up with this growing demand, many colleges have started offering the BBA degree in airline and airport management.

Vidya Bharathi group of institutions is one of the elite colleges in India that offers one of the best BBA degrees in airline and airport management. The college is being led by extremely dedicated personalities who always think of the benefits of the students.

The three years BBA course along with the placement assistance provided by this college is one of the best in the country. School of Airlines and Travel Management is yet another premier institution of the country that offers exceptional airline and airport management course.

The placement percentage of this elite institution is very high as the recruitment cell is entirely dedicated to look after the wellbeing of the students. Thus, it can be easily concluded that any student willing to take up BBA in Airline & Airport Management can easily choose between these two colleges as they offer one of the best aviation courses in the country. 


About VidyaBharathi Group of Institutions

Vidyabharati group of institutions was established in the year 2000 and is registered under the Travancore-Cochin literary, scientific and charitable societies act 1955. The institute is under the patronage of falcon group of companies and is headed by a team of eminent NRIs.

Vidyabharati group of institutions gave emerged as one of the premier institutions in the country for pursuing various management courses, especially in airport and airlines management.

The institution comprises one of the best faculties in India and are entirely dedicated to look after each and every need of their students. The most noteworthy factor of Vidyabharati group of institutions is that they offer degrees that are valid both in India and in western countries.

The main mission vision of Vidyabharati group of institutions is to establish one of the best educational complex in India compiled with the best in class infrastructure. Their modes of imparting knowledge to the students are continuously updated and are always coupled with the most advanced technologies.

The placement cell is also one of the best in the country as far as management courses are concerned and they also offer the best internship programs for the students. They have always been the leaders in providing job oriented courses through innovative educational systems.

Their main goal is to help the students achieve their career goals and also to meet the demand of the industries.


Graduate/Post Graduate Programs Offered at Kochi

  • Association of chartered certificate accounts.
  • Chartered institute of management accounts.
  • Certified management accountant.
  • Hotel management.
  • BBA in shipping.
  • B.Com with IATA and logistics.

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