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Floral designers use their talents to create beautiful flower arrangements and help their customers select gifts. Florists, also called floral designers, are responsible for creating floral designs and arrangements using fresh, dried or artificial flowers. They may prepare arrangements for weddings, home decoration, corporate accounts, funerals, graduations or banquets or other occasions. 

Florists arrange flowers and other plant elements into a pleasing design. The arrangements are used primarily for celebratory events like weddings, birthdays and special days. Florists were once almost exclusively owners of small independent shops; however, with the recent invention of internet-based delivery services and all-in-one convenience markets, many are now employed by larger companies.

Typically, floral designers earn more for original creations though the demand is much less due to both the cost of original designs and the availability of a wide variety of pre-existing designs. In addition to arranging flowers, a florist is also responsible for their care. 


Although formal education is not necessary to become a florist, many colleges, community colleges, vocational schools and universities provide Floral Design and Floriculture diploma, certificate or degree programs. These programs can be highly beneficial as they typically offer classes in flower and plant identification and floral design concepts.

Pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in certain areas can also provide aspiring florists with many professional competencies. A degree in Fine Arts can provide you with an opportunity to hone your design skills, a degree in Botany can provide you with knowledge related to proper growing conditions for flowers and a degree in Business can provide you with marketing and management skills.


To succeed as a florist, the following personal skills and attributes would give you an advantage:

  • knowledge of flowers and plants
  • ability to care for and arrange cut flowers
  • knowledge of trends in floristry
  • knowledge of Interflora and Teleflora ordering procedures
  • business management, basic maths and accounting skills
  • sales skills
  • knowledge of basic first aid and occupational health and safety procedures.


The BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) expects demand for florists to decline slowly (by 3 percent) from 2008 to 2018. Job opportunities should still be good for new floral designers as current florists pursue other professions. Grocery stores, internet florists and other discount florists are becoming more popular and are likely to have more available positions.

Chances of getting a job as a florist are best for those with at least three years' experience and good customer service skills. More employers are expecting florists to commit to study, so having a qualification, or showing a willingness to gain a formal qualification, helps your chances too. A florist traditionally comes into the field by applying for work at a local floral shop. After gaining years of practical experience, some branch out and form their own companies. 

Floral designers are largely concentrated in florist shops, where overall employment is projected to decline over the projection period. Customers are purchasing fewer elaborate floral decorations from such shops and are increasingly buying loose cut fresh flowers from grocery stores and general merchandise stores. As a result, employment of floral designers is projected to decline 22 percent in florist shops and grow 7 percent in grocery stores.


If you're a lover of flowers, choose this career path. But it takes more than an interest in flowers to become a florist. If you want satisfaction in your work, having a career as a florist can give you that. If you are some one with creative ideas and fond of flower arrangements, then choose the career. As formal qualification is not mandatory, you can start your own buisness with this.

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