July 29, 2017, 3:16 p.m.

By Nsim Team
If you want to become a associate producer, you first need to determine if this career path is a good fit for you. If the following skill traits sounds like you, then you’re probably well suited for a career as a associate producer.


• Have broad experience of the production process

• Be able troubleshoot any production difficulties or problems

• Have excellent communication skills

• Act decisively under pressure

• Have good planning skills

• Be good at motivating people

• Be good at supervising and delegating

• Be aware of relevant health and safety laws and procedures



Associate Producers are usually individuals within production companies who have played a significant role in the development of the script or screenplay.
They may also have helped in the packaging process or contributed important creative ideas to the production. Sometimes they are a Producer or a senior Script Editor who helps with the final drafts of the screenplay and without whom the film may not be financed.
The term Associate Producer is also sometimes used to describe a Producer from a smaller production company which is co-producing the film. They may have raised some funding for the project, but not enough to get an Executive Producer or Co-Producer credit.
Associate Producers take on responsibilities delegated to them by the Producer. They work on the development and pre-production stages, and on the production. Duties can range from supervising the production design team or post production, or co-ordinating the work of visual effects companies.
They also carry out any production work that is not covered by one of the other production roles (e.g. Executive Producer, Co-producer, Line Producer).



Degrees that are related to working as an associate producer include arts management, communications, or business management. Some colleges and universities offer communications degree programs that specialize in film or broadcasting. Courses that will help prepare you for a career include television studio production, digital editing, advertising, Internet media, audio production, and broadcast history. Also, participating in an internship with a broadcasting station or working on student films may also provide students with valuable experience.
Associate producers perform many vital roles in the production of movies, television shows, broadcasts or performances. A management or communications degree can prepare an associate producer to do everything from overseeing the lighting and sound production to editing scripts and working with set designers. 




Before you take up the job of an associate producer make sure you have at least some of the following skills:

• Ability to multi task and work under pressure to meet the deadlines outlined for a particular project

• Ability to take good decisions especially when hiring of crew members is required or if some important decision needs to be taken

• Ability to resolve issues when there are any problems during the production work and provide effective solutions for the same

• Excellent leadership and supervising skills

• Ability to come up with innovative and creative ideas

• Should possess excellent knowledge on the technical aspects involved in the production and should be able to operate different types of tools and production equipment

Excellent communication skills are crucial while interacting with the unit members and the clients. He should have an eye for detail with excellent time management and organizational skills to get the projects completed on time.



Typical employers include:

  • YouTube Channels
  • Television Shows
  • Film Industry, 
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Audio Productions


Here’s a chance for one and all to be independent and work ahead to lead your institution’s bright future

Nsim is expanding its network to give affiliations for the institutes those are willing to provide classes/training for associate production in different part of the country. Interested institutes and the aspirants for the course can register in the provided link.



We hopefully invites institutions that are well known for their services in production sectors to act as an umbrella to mobilize candidates of your locality. Those institutions who are interested in forming  affilation with Nsim are whole heartedly WELCOME !!!



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