Master of Science in Garment Production & Export Management is a postgraduate Export Management course. Garment Production and Export Management concern with the areas regarding production, making, management, marketing, procurement, designing, export-import, etc. The duration of M.Sc. in Garment Production & Export Management is mostly of two academic years but it may vary from institute to institute. The syllabus for the course is divided into four semesters and it is career orienting in nature that opens many scopes for them after its completion.

How is M.Sc. Garment Production & Export Management Course Beneficial?

  • The Course gives good and solid base for higher degree programs in respective subjects such as M.Phil. & Ph.D.
  • After completing the degree course they can go for jobs in Export Houses, Textile Mills, Leather Companies and Fashion Show Management Company.
  • They have also the option of having careers in Fashion Accessory Design, Quality Control and Fashion Show Management.
  • After possessing the degree they can become schools teachers and if they get NET qualification can go for permanent lecturer at colleges/universities.


  • The candidates should complete their B.Sc. Degree under any registered University with 50% or above marks.
  • The marks of admission for this course vary from University to University.

Some of M.Sc. Garment Production & Export Management Entrance Tests

  • IIFT-International Institute of Fashion Technology
  • SOFT-School of Fashion Technology Entrance Exam
  • NID-National Institute of Design
  • IIAFT-Indian Institute of Art and Fashion Technology
  • Pearl Academy of Fashion Entrance Exam

M.Sc. Garment Production & Export Management Syllabus

Syllabus of Garment Production & Export Management as prescribed by various Universities and Colleges.

Sr. No.

Subjects of Study


Understanding Textiles


Apparel Construction Techniques


Principles of Management


International Marketing


Fundamentals of Apparel Making (Practical)


Surface Embellishments (Practical)




Quality Assurance


Fashion Dynamics


Accounting and Finance


Research Methodology


Pattern Making and Draping (Practical)


Apparel Design & Sourcing (Practical)




Apparel Merchandising


Business Environment


Pattern Development (Practical)


Fabrication Techniques (Practical)


Internship (Report)


Project (Synopsis)


Apparel Production Technology


Foreign Trade & Documentation




Line Development (Practical)




M.Sc. Garment Production & Export Management College

  • I.I.S. University - International College for Girls (ICG), Jaipur

M.Sc. Garment Production & Export Management Course Suitability

  • The course is suitable for those who are willing to go for teaching fields at higher degree level i.e. college and university level both in private and government institutions.
  • They should have managerial skills, team work spirit, and habit for working long hours and the mind and nature up to date with current occurring in the world of fashion.
  • Candidates having creative and innovative mind are the most suitable for this course as they can and have to create different types of designs during the course and then in job as well.
  • They should have skills like problem solving, decision making, critical thinking, job task planning and organizing, significant use of memory and finding information.

 Job Types

  • Costume Designer
  • Outside Sales Representative
  • Fashion Consultant
  • Technical Designer
  • Personal Stylist
  • Apparel Production Manage
  • Fabric Buyer
  • Production Pattern Maker
  • Fabric Quality Control Manager
  • Cutting Assistant
  • Entrepreneur


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