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A career as an animal rights coordinator could be a great fit for you if you have a passion for animal rights, excellent organizational abilities, and you’re skilled at leading and motivating others.
This work offers the chance to work in an office but get out of it frequently, a varied work schedule, the ability to make a difference for animals, and even offers plenty of room for career advancement.


Who is an Animal Rights Coordinator?

The title “Animal Rights Coordinator” is a blanket term used to describe someone who works in an operations capacity with an animal rights group. This blanket term covers various operational areas, such as
• Event planning
• Fundraising
• Volunteer coordination
• Marketing and communications
• Transportation, travel and logistics
In larger organizations, animal rights coordinators may specialize in one of these areas, and act as the organization’s “go to” person for that area. Alternatively, they may work in a general capacity, and perform some functions within all of these areas. Working in a general capacity is more common in smaller animal rights organizations. 


Education You Might Needed to work as an Animal Rights Coordinator

Most employers will either want you to have relevant education, work experience, volunteer experience, or some combination thereof, in order to be considered for an animal rights coordinator job with them.
Having said that, there is no one set path for becoming an animal rights coordinator; they come from all different kinds of educational backgrounds. The following academic fields however, are especially helpful for developing skills and competencies relevant to what you’ll be doing:
• Communications and Public Relations
• Human Resources
• Business Administration
• Marketing
• Management
• Social Work
• Event Planning
• Education
• Public & Non-Profit Administration


Skills Needed to Become an Animal Rights Coordinator

You need a certain set of skills to be an effective animal rights coordinator, regardless of the specific duties you will be performing. These skills include:
• Training, coaching, team building and leadership skills
• Proficiency with relevant software, such as Microsoft Excel
• Planning and administrative skills
• Conflict resolution skills
• Knowledge of various fundraising techniques 
• Awareness of various marketing techniques, including social media marketing
• Awareness of various volunteer and staff recruiting techniques
• Knowledge of animal welfare issues
• You can forge effective working relationships with a wide variety of people


Who Employs Animal Rights Coordinators?

Paid and volunteer opportunities for animal rights coordinators exist with local, regional and national non-profit and charitable organizations that have animal welfare as their mandate, or one of their mandates. This can include:
• Animal rescue and re-housing groups
• Lobby groups and advocacy agencies
• Community education organizations
These organizations range in size from quite small (simply a handful of volunteers), to very large (some non-profit organizations employ hundreds of people, or more). Competition for these jobs is strong, especially with well-known organizations.
Organizations that are very small typically may not have the funding to support full-time, paid jobs. Instead, these organizations may have part-time or volunteer opportunities for animal rights coordinators.

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