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Every year 15 million youngsters are entering the workforce, but more than 75 % are not fit for job demands. India will need 700 million skilled workers by 2022 to meet the demands of the growing economy. This imbalance is due to the lack of technical and soft skills.


Our country currently faces a huge shortage of sales associates, computer operators, beauticians, hair stylists, medical sales representatives, mobile repair engineers, plumbers, electricians, sewing machine operators, masons, bartenders, painter-decorators. Yet, the scant regard we have for vocational training and skill development has led to decades of neglect of these skills.


Technical education plays a vital role in the development of the country’s human resource by creating skilled manpower, enhancing industrial productivity and improving the quality of life. What would also help is providing training in not just technical skills but also soft skills or communication skills, preparing them to transform into workers from students.

Nsim with the vision “To provide training and skill development to the youth of our country covering each and every village/city and to empower all individuals through improved skills, knowledge and employment opportunities”, is looking forward to bridge skill supply and skill demand.

Training Centre functions as an integral part in bridging skill gap. We hopefully invite training partners to contribute skill development by bridging the skill gap and supplying trained professionals to various employment sectors.