India Handloom Brand plans to engage with online retailers, such as Flipkart, eBay, Amazon, Craftsvilla and Gaatha, to increase awareness about Indian handlooms

Earlier this year, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, which boasts of the world’s largest collection of Indian textiles, displayed several rare, never-seen-before pieces in an exhibit. Entitled “The Fabric of India,” the showcase had everything from the earliest known Indian weaves dating back to the 1st and the 3rd century to the textile works of contemporary designers. Closer in America, last year the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York displayed an exhibit titled “Sultans of Deccan India,” at which textiles belonging to the 1500-1700 era drew the attention not only of heritage aficionados, but also of hipster New Yorkers.

Madhu Jain relates a memory from her years as a revivalist: “I was asked by Indian politician Maneka Gandhi to restore a khadi sari that she wanted to wear during her son, Varun Gandhi’s …

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