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Dear Students and Job seekers,

National Skill India Mission is the branch of Bharat Sevak Samaj, a National Development Agency promoted by the planning commission, Govt. of India to ensure public co-operation for implementing government plans.

Have you ever thought why majority of India’s youth population are unemployed?

It is ironic that we spend years laying the basic foundation of knowledge from schools and later earn degrees and still find ourselves jobless!!! It is terrifying to see these learned youth facing the scarcity of employment. According to Aspiring Minds National Employability Report, of the 1.5 lakh engineering graduates in 2015 from over 650 colleges, 80% are unemployable. It is shocking that the same is happening with other areas too. When we peep deep into the current burning issue, we find a serious skill development crisis in our entire education process. In Indian education system, we focus on an instructor-based approach of learning. Students are not taught any specific skills that will benefit them in finding jobs.

Solution to the crisis

There is an overpowering need for skilled workers in India. Though there are around 20 million youth added to the workforce every year, only a small percentage out of them actually manage to secure a job. This is because even though they possess a graduation degree, they do not possess the necessary skills required in the 21st century job industry to get employed.

  • First and foremost way to solve the challenge is that youth should assess their skills/competencies that are in demand to get your dream career. Skills are important to you because they form the foundation needed for career development and success. Skill assessment helps you recognize whether you are competent enough to undertake a task while you are in a certain position and to perform successfully in that position.
  • Most people are not born with the competencies they need in their job. They learn or develop them. If you have a competency gap you can also develop them over time. Vocational training is a fruitful solution but in India it is in its preliminary stage. Here comes the role of private sector. Private institutions that have the essential resources and expertise in respective industry can cement the skill gap by providing training and build skills in-house.
  • What Next

    National Skill India Mission (NSIM) has developed a one-stop, how-to guide on developing and recruiting a skilled workforce. We all know that, there are unlimited unemployed youths in India after holding a degree, professional Degree or Diploma and searching for jobs. In the meantime it is also a matter of fact that thousands of vacancies are open in industry for want of skilled persons. This controversy is only because; our educated youth have no marketable skills or skilled hands may have no valid documents to prove their skills. In such a context we assess your skills and have them recognized to improve your chances of finding employment.

    Further Step

    Nsim with the vision “To provide training and skill development to the youth of our country covering each and every village/city and to empower all individuals through improved skills, knowledge and employment opportunities”, is looking forward to bridge skill supply and skill demand.

    Employee/Employer Career Development Platform enables students and job seekers to get your skill assessed. We will help you with career skill assessment process and competency development. We also help employers/corporates who are looking for quality talent.

    Our Features

    1. The CDC should guide students through an information-gathering process about self and the world of work to determine which academic programs or careers might be a good match for them. For example, Assessors can assist students with clarifying values, examining interests, identifying skills, resolving chronic indecision, developing insight into personality type, and communicating with parents about career decisions.

    2. The Career Development Center can assist the students with job and internship search strategies, developing a resume, building interview skills, and networking with professionals in the respective fields.

    3. To make tie ups with the relevant Institutions/Companies for suitable placement for the students.

    4. Placement Cell makes liaison with these Companies and arranges for career placement.

    5. The Cell should take responsibility in conducting interviews in coordination with the HR Departments of different companies

    6. The Cell may also organize workshops/seminars/guest lectures for the students to improve their self confidence, to build positive attitude, etc.