It’s important to state from the outset that there is no magic bullet that can transform you into a rich and successful entrepreneur overnight. However, for those prepared to work hard to succeed, there is an almost formulaic blend of entrepreneurial skills that can help set successful businessmen and women apart from the rest:

  1. Don’t take ‘no’ for an answer
  2. Learn from the best
  3. Stay hungry and ambitious
  4. Never stand still; evolve with the times
  5. Nurture long-term business relationships
  6. Inspire those around you
  7. Trust your gut instinct, not just your spreadsheet

7 Key characteristics of an entrepreneur

Becoming a successful entrepreneur doesn’t just happen overnight; but you’ll find the following characteristics are typical in the majority of businessmen and women that have navigated their way to the top:

Don’t take ‘no’ for an answer

No matter how many knock-backs and refusals successful entrepreneurs receive, they are always prepared to dust themselves down and find an alternative route to the summit. …

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The Lion and the Ranger (Part 5)

Is the greatest opportunity in your life right in front of you?


There is a story told about a village near a game park which suffered from problems of elephants eating their maize (corn) crop. Every year they complained bitterly to have the elephants removed.


Then one year an unusual tourist came to their village. This man was interested in collecting beetles, but not just any kind of beetle. This particular species laid its eggs in elephant droppings and was extremely rare.


It was so rare that he was willing to pay the villagers a lot of money if they could help collect samples for him and ship dead beetles to him.


The villagers were totally astonished at how much money they could make. One dead beetle was worth more than an entire harvest of maize.

If you are an entrepreneur, this story will change your entire mindset. In …

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