Be the Approved Centres of BHARAT SEVAK SAMAJ

Inviting Franchise for BSS (BHARAT SEVAK SAMAJ) in Karnataka state for the Academic Year 2023-2024 .

Be the Approved centers of BHARAT SEVAK SAMAJ.


BSS Vocational Courses  are offered in a range of broad areas such as Health Services.Travel and Tourism shipping, computer science, business and Commerce, IT ,Teacher  Training etc.  Apart from that we are running Specialized   Courses, School Courses, and category Courses.  More than 1500 courses are available .The present courses relate to both Urban and Rural sectors.

BSS emphasis to ensure Educational Opportunities for development of Skills and know how, is providing to learner so as to enable them to become Entrepreneurs capable of running their own Institute.

The courses are based on need to analyses taking into consideration the Employment Opportunities in the Locality.

The Students of the Institute are given Certificate of Successful  completion based on the tests and Examination conducted by Bharat Sevak Samaj. For further information please contact through the mail  Ph : 0471 4014800

To Become a Franchise of BSS and for more details Click Here --> Register Now


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