Integrated Fashion Designing Course (IFD) is an Integrated programme that prepares students for industrial fashion designing in the fashion world .

Integrated Fashion Designing [IFD] is a comphrehensive programme that prepares students for indistrial fashion designing  in the Apparel and related Soft Goods industries. It trains the students all the major functional areas in a modern apparel/fashion enterrprise: Manufacturing, Merchandising and Product Development.

Demand Driven, Technology Enabled Training Programmes for Accelerated Careers in the Apparel Industry



               The Indian Apparel and Textile Industry




               Covers a gamut of activities

From production of raw materials like cotton, jute, silk and wool to providing high value-added products such as fabrics and garments

Wide range of raw fibres

Natural fibres like cotton, jute, silk and wool to man made fibres like polyester, viscose, acrylic and multiple blends of such fibres

Plays a key role in the economy

Provides direct employment to an estimated 38 million people and contributes 5% to GDP

Significant contributor to trade

Accounts for 8% of global trade in textiles

Poised for growth

Exports growing at 11.8% estimated to grow 15 to 18%


The Industry has seen steady growth across segment over the past decade.

Favourable factor conditions present a key competitive advantage for Industry.

Abundant & Low cost availability of raw materials

  • India has availability of variety of raw materials-cotton, silk, jute and wool
  • In terms of cost, India has an advantage over comparative countries
  • This inherent strength in availability of raw materials prevents any supply-side shocks


Growing domestic demand

  • Disposable income of consumers has been rising steadily in India
  • The consuming class is expected to constitute 80% of the population by 2020
  • Change in consumer mind set has led to an increasing expenditure on consumption,including textiles


Government Support

  • Setting up of TUFS (Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme) with an allotment of US$ 211 million by 2008 - 2009
  • Encouraging public-private partnerships in textiles

Presence of capabilities across the entire value chain within the country reduces lead time for production and cuts down the intermediate shipping time


The Talent Deficit

Indian Apparel Industry is estimated to need about 4,00,000 junior managers and about 11,00,000 supervisors by 2020. Current output from various Institutes is about 25,000 and 50,000 respectively. This is woefully inadequate considering the demand.


About Nsim

Nsim enables Apparel and related Soft Goods businesses to create People Supply Chains well in advance enabling them to significantly reduce their People Sourcing and People Training Costs.


Nsim does this by identifying the talent requirements of apparel and related soft goods organizations and then training candidates to meet these requirements.


All training programmes are defined, designed and delivered in collaboration with the industry ensuring that training offered is relevant to industry needs and trainees are ‘Workplace Ready’ . The training is intensive and uses an accelerated learning methodology combining instructor-led class room training, printed course material, computer based tutorials, video and online web-based collaboration of trainees & trainees and trainees & trainers.


Training Programmes

Training Programmes offered by Nsim falls under 2 major categories :

a) Employability Training Programmes and

b) Career Advancement Training Programmes.

Employability Training Programmes create 'Workplace Ready' professionals at the entry level as Management Trainees and Supervisors in Production, Merchandising, Product Development, Quality Assurance and Industrial Engineering.


The following program is currently available :

  • Integrated Fashion Desgining [IFD] is available in 10 centers 

Career Advancement Programmes enable professionals with work experience to get exposure to advances in their fields of work. These programmes are held as Workshops/Seminars of 8 to 24 hours spread across 1 to 3 days.



 placement assitance offered for Trainees. 

The job roles (courses) for which we train, and students can get job placement are as trainees in the following  roles

1. Fashion coordinator

2.  Merchandising

3. Production supervision

4. Quality supervision

5.  Apparel Industrial Engineers

Eligibility: Degree/ Diploma

Course duration : One year

Classes will be for 4 hours a day and 3 days a week. 

Students will have projects and assignments during the rest of the time.

Infrastructure available for Class room

1. Classroom to seat 30 students .

2.    One LCD projector, one computer , one whiteboard, one large table 6 ft ' X 4 ft ,  one mannequin , single needle lock stitch machine with motor

3.   a) Study Books b ) Apparel Industry Process Charts c ) Digital Content d ) software for design,  pattern making, merchandising  etc. These will be supplied by Nsim

Apart from the above , the following also available

1.   Computer lab .with 5 computers

2.   Sewing machine lab. With 5 Industrial motorized machines

3.   Office room & Reception

Fees per trainee : Rs. 29,500/- + Internship charges(for conveyance, food & accommodation expenses during internship)


Nsim & its associate Reach Technologies will provide

1.  Curriculum  Design

2.  Study Books

3.  Student Edition software for fashion design , merchandising, pattern making

4.  Training of Trainers

5.  Digital Content for Training

6    Access to Online Portal for Learning and Collaboration

7.  Conduct Assessment

8    Internship

9.   Placement Assistance.





Last date for submission of Aplication 




Interested Students  may please express their interest by email –


Register through the site


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