Skill Certification for Massage Therapist

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A massage therapist, or masseuse, is a health care professional who provides massages to patients who are undergoing physical therapy, suffering from health problems or want to relieve stress. Massage therapists aim to reduce pain, heal injuries and rejuvenate patients. Common duties include evaluating patients, explaining massage options and providing guidance to help patients relax. Massage therapists may be employed in spas, fitness centers or medical facilities. Work is often part-time, and hours can vary widely depending on clients' schedules. A therapist's work requires standing for long periods and making repetitive motions.

Individuals interested in becoming massage therapists must complete formal training, which may be offered as certificate and diploma programs through community colleges and technical schools. Moreover certain institutions also provide equivalent skill certificates informally. Before a massage therapist can gain an apprenticeship working somewhere, he or she needs to own a skill certificate provided by an authorized institution.

Get a License

Massage therapists who want to improve their job prospects and demonstrate their expertise can pursue skill certification from any Assessment agency. Inorder to obtain a licence, the person need  to have work experience of at least three years, or they need to get trained under an approved therapist. A written exam and a skills assessment also are typically necessary for licensing.

Are you a Skilled Massage Therapist?

While success in the health care industry is based on skill, there is actually no requirement to prove oneself as a talented therapist in order to obtain a license. Instead, certification is mostly focused on compliance with standard safety measures to protect potential customers.If you are a skilled therapist artist but worried of not possessing a skill certificate to prove your talent, NSIM Provides you one.

Benefits of Nsim Skills Certification System

Nsim provides an objective way for:

  •  Employees to validate the talent they can bring to the job
  •  Educational providers to establish the value of their product
  • Employers to have a level of certainty about the skill level of an individual prior to hire. While third-party certification can be awarded after assessment and evaluation, totally apart from the education process itself, embedding certifications within education pathways benefits both the student and the employer. 

Features of Nsim Skills Certification System

  • To improve employees' self-confidence level through Third Party Assessment.
  • To provide a platform for the employee to work in India and abroad via Nsim's valid Mobility Card and Nsim accredited Certificate.
  • To ensure better employment opportunity unique for the skilled hands.
  • To empower employee skill achieved by "Learning by Doing" in a way they could marvel in their career.
  • To get skill accredited by Ministry of Human Resource Development

How Much Does Nsim Massage Therapist Licensing Cost?

It is very important that if you’re interested in getting one, check the requirements and fees for the Certificate Nsim offers.

Fees Package Includes: 3000/-Rs

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