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Painters and decorators apply paint, wall coverings and a variety of other finishes to the interior or exterior surfaces of residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Painters must take into consideration the needs and wants of the client, the proper application technique, the characteristics of the surface to be coated as well as the durability and finish of the coating.
Some painters also coat the interior and exterior of equipment such as piping, storage tanks, locks, and structural steel.


Most painters learn their skills on-the-job from more experienced painters. There are however many vocational and trade schools that offer apprenticeship programs, which provide classroom work combined with on-the-job training. While many employers will look for an applicant who has completed such a program, there is no formal industry requirement to do so.
Students who undergo an apprenticeship program typically learn skills such as how to properly use and care for tools and equipment, surface preparation, application techniques, colour harmony and characteristics of different finishing.


To do this role, you will need to:
• have excellent craft skills in painting and decorating
• have strong creative abilities
• have a good eye for colour and texture
• be skilled at applying a range of advanced decorative finishes
• have good communication skills
• work well as part of a team
• be hard working 
• Working to strict deadlines
• be punctual


Employment of painters is projected to grow 7 percent from 2014 to 2024, about as fast as the average for all occupations. Overall job prospects should be good, and opportunities for industrial painters and coaters are expected to be excellent, especially in the Gulf Coast region.
The most common way to become a painter is to start your own painting business. If you choose to take this route, you will need to start by getting your basic supplies together. 
You may want to contact suppliers in order to receive contractor pricing. You will also want to setup a proper insurance policy, in the event that you damage a client’s property.
A good way to start getting clients is by running an advertisement in the classified section of your local newspaper. You can also try contacting local real estate offices and introducing your services and prices to them.
Creating a website is a great way to market your services to potential clients, and will provide you with an outlet to display your portfolio of work, as well as the testimonials of your clients.


Just because you enjoy painting your room, doesn’t mean you should make a living at it. Below are a few positive and negative attributes about the job that everyone who’s interested in becoming a painter should consider.
• Painting can be very physically strenuous; stamina and durability are essential
• Even in a commercial setting, painting can be very relaxing
• Good balance is necessary as painters often use ladders and platforms to support themselves
• Painting requires manual dexterity
• Communication skills are needed in order to determine the exact needs and wants of the clients
• Bringing colour and life to a surface can be extremely satisfying, especially if it's just before a tight deadline

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