A Complete Guide to Travel and Tourism Honors, Bachelor of Arts Degree.

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By Sushsree Suman


In a country of immense natural and man-made beauty such as India, it is only natural that Travel and Tourism should generate roughly Rupees 14.02 lakh crore rupees annually. What’s more is the fact that this rate is still rising because several beautiful places in India are still being discovered and brought into the light. With several new jobs and huge demand for the skilled youth, it should also be of little surprise that the Travels and Tourism Industry generates almost 9.3% of India’s total employment. The bottom line is that industry is highly lucrative and students from all over the country are rushing into a B.A. degree with Honors in Travels and Tourism right after high school. This highly promising course aims to motivate students to take up a job with unlimited excitement, quick growth, and a lucrative position. The main focus of the course is to provide complete knowledge of the Travel and Tourism Industry, inculcate marketing, management and planning skills with regard to standard operating procedures in travel agencies, hotels, tour operators and guides, and travel desks at hotels and comprehensive, real training in staff and operations management. This course provides you with ample opportunities to land a successful career both in India and abroad, and what better way to earn a living than something as exciting as seeing the world!

Eligibility: Any student from any stream with a higher secondary degree from a recognized board can choose to pursue this course in their graduation. In some colleges, it is mandatory to crack an admissions test or an interview (or both).

Duration: 3 years.


Syllabus Structure

 The syllabus is strictly focused on the management, hospitality and communication skills of an individual student in this specific field. In addition, the syllabus improves on the analytical skills of students, enabling them to actively resolve real-time situations and crises. The course also involves pertinent and colorful topics such as event planning and management, marketing, ticketing, hospitable customer care service and restaurant management which are all in high demand. The B.A. Honors Course in Travel and Tourism is tailor-made to provide field experience by means of internships as well.


What Does One Get From This Degree?

The B.A. Honors in Travel and Tourism Degree is a vibrant and exciting degree with integrated real life job experience and as such, not only provides employment to almost all students but also paves the way to an exciting, promising and fulfilling career, unlike your usual dreary corner desk jobs. Any student enthusiastic about the Tourism industry is sure to find themselves in a great job with very quick progression as long as they work hard. The special training that the students undergo come in handy throughout their career and the work experience gives you an edge over other candidates in terms of hiring.


Benefits of Choosing B.A. (Honors) in Travel and Tourism

A trending course with immense employability, gratifying salary structures, and huge growth path– that is what a student gets by choosing the B.A. (Honors) degree in Travel and Tourism. The starting salary for the student is quite fair given that they get a hands-on experience from internships. Anyone willing to work hard enough can easily rise through the ranks and find themselves in very lucrative, comfortable administrative positions. Professionalism is highly respected in the Travel and Tourism industry and thanks to the grooming courses one will have that in spades. Of course, the additional perks, bonuses, and job incentives keep things exciting and placements in various agencies keep things adventurous. If one decides not to go for all that glory and money by signing up with a reputed company, one can also start off on their own as a freelance travelogue writer and can earn a lot of money on their own terms, in their own time and still have an adventurous life globetrotting and sharing their experiences with the world.


Job Role

Event Manager: Skilled professionals who organize and run business, social and product or brand promotion events. They are responsible for everything in the event, such as food, seating, equipment, location, ticketing, and booking etc.

Tour Manager: Tour managers arrange for the travel arrangements and accommodation for business clientele and holidaymakers. They require the ability to get along with people of all ages, proficiency in foreign languages (especially if working abroad) and the ability to calmly assess and deal with situations.

Resort Representative: These professionals take care of holidaymakers and ensure that they enjoy their stay at a resort. From welcoming holidaymakers to arranging transportation, to dealing with all sorts of emergencies, everything is taken care of by these individuals. They require excellent organizational, communication and sales skills and the ability to work under pressure.


Employment Areas

•    Resort development and operations.

•    Hotel chains such as ITC, Oberoi. J.W Marriot etc.

•    Online travel sites such as makemytip.com, goibibo.com, redbus.com, etc.

•    Travelogue writer, cruise sales, and casino marketing etc.


 Know Where to Pursue a Degree in B.A. Travel and Tourism Honors

The growing popularity of Travel and Tourism courses in India has created a huge demand among graduation students. So, in order to meet this ever growing demand to jump into a booming industry, many colleges have started offering the B.A. degree in Travel and Tourism Honors. The primary agenda of the ‘National Skill India Mission’ (NSIM) is to motivate the youth to take up the B.A. course in Travel and Tourism Honors so that there is never a dearth of qualified and experienced professionals in the Tourism industry, particularly in administrative positions. The GD Goenka School of Humanities and Social Sciences is one of the most prestigious colleges in India that offers one of the best B.A. degrees in Travel and Tourism. The college boasts of an extremely dedicated set of personalities who are constantly pushing their students to meet higher standards. This three years B.A. Honors course along with internships and the remarkable placement assistance provided by this college is one of the best in the country. The Amity Institute of Travel and Tourism is another elite institution in India that offers a commendable Travel and Tourism course. The placements of this classy institution are not only high but also too lucrative, and their recruitment cell is tirelessly dedicated to finding the opportunities for their students. In conclusion, if you are willing to take up B.A. Honors in Travel and Tourism, these two colleges will take the top places as far as quality faculty, and placement opportunities are concerned.


About GD Goenka School of Humanities and Social Sciences

The GD Goenka University School of Humanities & Social Science is right smack in the quaint 60-acre expanse of the GD Goenka Education City, Gurgaon-Sohna Road. Well provisioned with a remarkable faculty, state-of-the-art facilities and progressive research and educational outreaches make the G.D. Goenka University, School of Humanities & Social Science experience the most unique and memorable one that a student can get in this country. School of Humanities & Social Science fosters and engenders in their students the required knowledge, necessary skillset and a can-do attitude that serves to make you a better individual. It cultivates in you the right attitude and well-rounded values and inspires them to think outside the box and also to be a strong, decisive and productive person with strong leadership qualities. So, one can easily take the first step to success right here at the GD Goenka School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Graduate/Post Graduate Programs Offered at Gurgaon

School of Humanities & Social Science offers five undergraduate programs (Bachelor of Arts (Honors) 

•    Economics

•    Psychology

•    Political Science

•    English

•    Sociology

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A Bachelor of Arts degree in Travel and Tourism Honors provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the travel and tourism industry, including its operations, management, marketing, and impacts on local and global economies. Tenerife On Paper

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