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To become a site manager, you will likely need a bachelor’s degree in construction management, civil engineering, or a related field. You may also need experience working as a site supervisor before becoming a manager. But before you meet any of those qualifications, you will need to figure out if the duties of the job will be appealing to you, and if you’ve got the right set of qualities to bring to it.
Being a site manager would involve overseeing the day to day operations of construction sites, and ensuring that work is done safely and within timeline and budgetary restrictions. 
Carrying out these responsibilities will require a sense of accountability, the ability to adhere to budgets and deadlines, and the ability to supervise and direct the work of others. 
So, if becoming a construction site manager sounds like it might suit you, then read on below; we’ll tell you what you'll need to make it in this field!


Who is a Site manager?

As a site manager, you would oversee the day to day operations of construction sites, ensuring that work is done safely and within timeline and budgetary restrictions.  Although your specific duties could vary from job to job, you could expect to be responsible for the following functions in any site manager role:
• Planning work and installing temporary offices for staff
• Ensuring deadlines for work completion are met
• Assuming a level of responsibility for site accidents and injuries
• Monitoring progress of work
• Overseeing the delivery of materials
• Performing safety checks
• Liaising with architects, engineers, surveyors and planners
• Ensuring work complies with health and safety regulations and legislation 
• Maintaining communication with clients and providing them with project status updates
• Acting as first point of contact for the media, the public and sub-contractors


Education  Needed to become a Site Manager

It is possible to get hired as a site manager with only a high school diploma, as long as you have many years of experience in a construction trade.  However, you will be better suited for self-employment as a general contractor if this is the case, because employers are placing increasing importance on specialized education as construction processes become more complex.
For this reason, having a bachelor’s degree in construction science, construction management, architecture, or engineering will qualify you for most entry-level (sometimes even mid-level) site management jobs. 


Personal Traits needed to become a Site Manager

No matter what stage of your career development you’re at, you should have the following attributes if you hope to one day become a site manager:
• A keen interest in construction, engineering, architecture, and/or various skilled trades
• Enjoyment in spending time outside of the office
• An interest in directing the work of others
• An interest in managing construction budgets and schedules
• An assertive yet approachable personality
• Willingness to take on responsibility and make decisions
• Willingness to work long hours when needed
• Strong business acumen
• Results-oriented approach to work activities


Who Creates Jobs for Site Managers?

You could potentially be employed on a full-time or contractual basis with the following types of organizations:
• Small and large residential, commercial and industrial construction companies
• Civil engineering companies
• Specialized subcontractors
• Utility companies
• Self-employment as a general contractor 


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