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If you want to become an entertainment coordinator, you first need to determine if this career path is a good fit for you. If the following description sounds like you, then you’re probably well suited for a career as an entertainment coordinator:
Those who become entertainment coordinators enjoy being a part of the action, and working with people. They have excellent communication skills, excellent organizational skills, and are able to successfully negotiate contracts that are true to the best interests of the organization they represent. Entertainment coordinators are very dedicated to their work, and take pride in having their events are successfully executed.


Who is an Entertainment Coordinator ?

Entertainment coordinators are responsible for the successful execution of various shows and other entertainment programs on behalf of the entertainment venue for which they work. Entertainment coordinators may also responsible for reconciling sponsor needs with guest satisfaction goals and market research, in order to create new venues and content for those venues.


Education Needed to Become an Entertainment Coordinator

Although the educational requirements of become an entertainment coordinator may vary by employer, they typically prefer candidates that have related post-secondary education, as well as some experience in supervising the work of others, or managing events.
Relevant post-secondary education may include a college diploma or certificate in an area such as Event Planning or Event Management.
There are also many fields of study at the university level that are well-suited for providing aspiring entertainment coordinators with the necessary knowledge base and skill set, including Communication, Business Administration, Marketing and Management.  


Skills and Traits Needed to Become an Entertainment Coordinator

Those who become successful entertainment coordinators share many similar personality traits and skills. These traits and skills allow entertainment coordinators to not only be competent in their work, they also allow them to endure the ups and downs of this career. These traits and skills include:
• Excellent communication and presentation skills
• Excellent organizational and time management skills
• Stamina and energy required for working long hours when required
• Ability to negotiate agreements and contracts disputes
• Ability to work effectively with all sorts of people
• Ability to pay close attention to details
• Ability to work well under pressure
• Able to make responsible decisions quickly
• Enjoy organizing and coordinating activities


Who Hires Entertainment Coordinators?

Entertainment coordinators are hired by organizations that plan, coordinate and manage entertainment related events and performances, such as concerts, sporting tournaments, and others. Entertainment coordinators may also be self-employed, in which case they are hired by these organizations on a contractual basis.
Organizations that hire entertainment coordinators include:
• Festival and event associations
• Private exhibition organizations (such as Calgary Stampede)
• Mutli-use recreation facilities (such as golf domes and mini-golf courses)
• Concert venues
• Sporting venues
• Entertainment coordination companies
• Colleges and universities
• Not-for-profit organizations
• Municipal parks and recreation departments

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Entertainment Coordinators

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