Do you possess any Extra Ordinary Skills? If so, is it evaluated and certified?

Here comes an opportunity to get your EXTRA ORDINARY SKILLS certified!

Some people posses’ extraordinary skills, that is beyond what is expected from a normal human being.

These people are considered geniuses of their respective fields. They may cross their physical, mental or chronological limitations. There are a few such cases which attracted the attention of the people and even inspired them. Let it be science, art, maths or anything under the sun.

Some of them might have found their position in Guinness book of World Records or Limca book of World Records. Still there are so many people who have extraordinary skills/ skill records which are not properly identified or recognized.

We are now opening an opportunity to such categories who can evaluate their such skills and get certified, so that it can be shown in anywhere, where your skills will be given weightage.

The area we focus is very wide. Any type of skills like

Music School

Music,Singing,Violin ,Veena Player, Key Board, Flute Player etc....

Communication & Soft Skills Education

Teaching,Training,CommunicativeSkills,Asking Questions,Reading,Leadership,

Self Discipline,People judgement,MoneyManagement,Volunteering,Forign Language,Future Thinking etc....

House hold Education

Art, Drawing, Wood Carving, Inventiveness, Innovation, Imaginative etc....


Chicken work, Batik printing, Fabric Painting, Saree Designing etc....


Video Creation, Photography, Troble Shooter, Graphics, Cinema Acting, Editing, Visual Communication etc……etc…..etc.

The above shown are only some of the areas where extraordinary skills/ skill records can be identified. But there are thousands of other areas where you can exhibit extra ordinary skills. But in every activity, we expect something extra ordinary.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to inspire such extra ordinary skills and to popularize such skill holders through certification and recognition.

What we do:

We collect applications from candidates for recognition and certification of their extra ordinary skills, along with proof of their extra ordinary skills evaluated by experts in the concerned field, in the prescribed evaluation format.

Proofs such as photographs, videos and any other relevant proofs to convince their excellence in the skill are required.

If the proofs or evaluation is not convincing, then we will call for more convincing data.

Once we are convinced about your skill, certificates will be issued and the details of such certificates will be published in our website.

For details contact :-  0471 4014800, 0471 2721400, 0471 2721600

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