Driving Skills for Life

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Do’s and Don’t while Driving

  1. Keep your machine in good condition. The windscreen glass must be clean, headlamps, wipers, brakes and steering must be in good working condition. Engine and coolant system should be in good condition. Tyres should be in good condition.
  2. Do not ride the accelerator. Do not brakes excessively. Anticipate the traffic in front and drive at an optimum speed. Consistently. You will not get tired.
  3. Drive based on the road you can see. Roads with lots of blind turns, driving over hilly/jungle terrain, foggy conditions, raining affecting the visibility seriously or simply a vehicle in front that blocks your vision beyond are some of the reasons that limit your vision of the road. The speed of the vehicle must be limited by the road you can see. This gives you time to respond properly and in time.
  4. On unknown roads do not consider yourself James Bond. You are not. Expect the unexpected and survive.
  5. Do not drink and drive. Drinks severely affect our motor functions and it is not worth taking the chance. Please avoid smoking while driving. The chance is 1 in 100000 but a dropped cigarette in your lap when there are all sorts of complication on the road in front can cause a serious accident. And it happens.
  6. Particularly on long drives drink a lot of water. It keeps you alert.
  7. When you feel sleepy, SLEEP. A shut eye for as little as 15 minutes can keep you alert for a couple of hours. Lots of coffee and tea does not help. Avoid it. On long drives this is of essence.
  8. In areas which are not used to a lot of traffic be extra careful with pedestrians.Please blow horn.Please do not go crazy blowing it but it is better to make the other guy understand that your are coming. Please do not show pedestrians lights. They do not understand the significance and shows that you are a novice.
  9. The time before the sunrise and the time of sunset are the most difficult times for driving. Continue to use headlamps till good visibility occurs at sunrise. At the dusk time, avoid using the lamps till you can help it. If you have to drop the speed, do that. Alternatively, stop over for a cup of tea during these times.
  10. Do not try to anticipate the movement of animals and kids. Expect the least expected. Except goats, cross the animals from their rear and not front. In case of kids, just be extra-extra careful. They can turn 360 degree.
  11. If you consider yourself an ace driver then please participate in Formula 1. It is a rich sport, brings you fame and wealth and most important you expose yourself to hazard and not others. Please avoid speeding on roads. Please follow road rules.When you speed or breach rules, you do not look smart. You look a perfect idiot, believe me. And everyone who sees this behaviour curses you.
  12. Never ever show off. There is nothing sexy about being seriously injured or worse, dead.
  13. I have noticed that vehicles put on hazard signal in rain and when inside a tunnel.World over hazard signal means an obstruction on the road ahead which means that your speed drops down to 20 KM/hr or less. Only in India, we find cars and trucks speeding in excess of 80 KM/hr and putting on hazard lamps. Hazard lamps also disable turn signals. To all those who practice this, my submission is that they need not advertise their ignorance on roads. We know that they are novices and definite hazards on the roads. In heavy rains and when in tunnel, put on headlamps on low beam and pull down your speed to almost 2/3rd. That way you will also avoid hydroplaning.
  14. Safety first must be the approach. We know that you are busy, you have been talking on your cell or you were travelling a short distance. BUT PLEASE WEAR SEATBELT. You do not wear seat belt for the benefit of the cops. Your wear them for your own safety. Same applies to the helmets. Those who believe that it is too hot to wear helmet will do well to remember that just a generation back people were riding bicycles in the same heat and humidity. See the links below to know what happens with neglecting safety.
  15. I know that you love your child so much that you drive with the child in the lap. Please do not do it. 

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