B.Sc. Genetics

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Bachelor of Science in Genetics is an undergraduate Genetics Science course. Genetics covers the study of the science of heredity and variation in living organisms which further then studies heredity and ways in which traits are passed down from one generation to another. In simple words, B.Sc. (Genetics) study deal with basic units of heredity called genes. B.Sc. (Genetics) degree course also includes study of subjects and topics like Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Microscopy, Model Organisms, Mendelian Genetics & Biometry, Cytogenetics, Molecular Genetics, Genetic Engineering, Cloning and Biotechnology. The degree course is three years duration having six semesters.


•    The basic eligibility criterion for pursuing B.Sc. (Genetics) degree is qualifying 10+2 or equivalent examination with Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Some reputed colleges and institutes demand a minimum of 50% marks in 10+2 as qualifying criteria to secure admission in this degree course.
•    Some of the very reputed colleges and institutes also conduct an aptitude test to get admission to their B.Sc. (Genetics) degree course.


Syllabus of Genetics as prescribed by various Universities and Colleges.

Sem. I                                 

Sr. No.

Subjects of Study


Cell Biology I


Genetics I

Sem. II




Genetics II


Practical (Sem. I & II)

Sem. III 


Molecular Genetics I


Population Genetics I

Sem. IV


Molecular Genetics II


Population Genetics II


 Practical (Sem. III & IV)

Sem. V


Genetics & Crop Improvement I


Genetics & Animal Improvement I

Sem. VI


Genetics & Crop Improvement II


Genetics & Animal Improvement II


Practical (Sem. V & VI)


•    Bhavan's Vivekananda College of Science, Humanities and Commerce, Hyderabad
•    Natubhai V. Patel College of Pure and Applied Science, Anand
•    Anupama College of Management Studies and Science, Bangalore
•    A.W.H. Special College, Kozhikode

Course Suitability    

•    The candidates should have broad knowledge in human and medical genetics, including an understanding of heterogeneity, variability, and natural history of genetic disorders can go for this course.
•    Other things required for this are diagnostic and therapeutic skills in a wide range of genetic disorders, the ability to elicit and interpret individual and family histories, the ability to integrate clinical and genetic information and understand the uses, limitations, interpretation, and significance of specialized laboratory and clinical procedures are the most suit for it.

How is B.Sc. Genetics Course Beneficial?

•    B.Sc. (Genetics) degree serves as a basis for further higher studies in this field such as M.Sc., Ph.D. and M.Phil. Degree in Genetics, the successful completion of which makes one eligible for the post of a lecturer in any university/college.
•    B.Sc. (Genetics) degree holders have plenty of opportunities in some of its specialized fields such as in Classical Genetics, Conservation Genetics, Ecological Genetics, Immunogenetics, Molecular Genetics, Population Genetics, Quantitative Genetics, etc.
•    A degree in B.Sc. (Genetics) aids in the study of cell biology, biochemistry, microbiology and biotechnology also.
•    The role of a Geneticist is crucial to many things such as cancer research, cystic fibrosis, Alzheimer's, unborn defects and in many other diseases.

Employment Areas

•    Animal Breeding Industry
•    Animal Science
•    Beauty Care
•    Brewing
•    Educational Institutions
•    Food Processing Industry
•    Genetic Testing
•    Health Care
•    Hormone and Protein Synthesis
•    Horticulture
•    Research and Development Institutes
•    Agricultural Firms
•    Biotechnology Industries
•    Consultancies
•    DNA Forensics Department
•    Gene Therapy
•    Hospitals
•    Military
•    Pharmaceutical Industry and Suppliers
•    Universities

Job Types

•    Animal Breeder
•    Assistant Professor
•    Associate Professor
•    Bio-technician
•    Biotech Sales Engineer
•    Clinical Geneticist/Researcher
•    Cytogenetic Technologist
•    Drug Discovery Engineer
•    Forensic Scientist
•    Genetic Counsellor
•    Genetics Laboratory Research Assistant
•    Genetics Laboratory Technician
•    Molecular Genetic Clinical Lab Scientist
•    Regulatory Process Manager

Advance Courses in B.Sc. Genetics

•    M.Sc. (Genetics)
•    M.Phil. (Genetics)
•    Ph.D. (Genetics)

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