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Bachelor of Foreign Trade is an undergraduate Foreign Trade Management course. The Foreign Trade Management course offers a global perspective and helps build a solid foundation and understanding of the factors affecting the global marketplace. All of the major concepts and terminology of international trade are addressed in the hands-on activities and topic papers that form the basis of this course. The duration of programe is generally three academic years and may be provided on part time basis by certain institutes.

How is B.F.T. Course Beneficial?

Course enables the students to go for various commerce, trade, banking and accounts related jobs. Other areas of opportunities for them are export marketing firms, pre-shipment and post-shipment quality control labs, logistic companies and special economic zones. They can also go for further higher degrees like Master degree and then for research work. They can also find opportunities with insurance companies particularly marine insurance corporations where they are required to assess the loss or physical damage to the goods shipped in a country.


•    The candidates should complete 10+2 or its equivalent exam.
•    Entrance exams and percentage of 12th class for the admission of students also matter.


Syllabus of BA Foreign Trade Management offered by various universities and colleges in India

Subjects of Study 

Basics of International Trade I

India’s Foreign Trade I


Basics of International Trade II

India’s Foreign Trade II


Elements of Export Marketing I

Export Finance & Procedure I


Elements of Export Marketing II

Export Finance & Procedure II


Export Logistics I

Export Documentation & Procedure I


Export Logistics II

Export Documentation & Procedure II


Note: Two papers in each Semester are Elective for every student of B.A. (Pass Course) opting for FTM subject. Third paper will be the practical based on Two elective.


•    Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce, Pune

Course Suitability

Students those who interested in economic activities such as trade, commerce, industry, management and its related areas, etc. are most suitable for this course. Those who are willing to go for teaching fields at higher degree level i.e. college and university level both in private and government institutions are good suit for it. They should have excellent communication skills, a keen aptitude for business, knowledge of foreign languages, persuasive ability and confidence are some of the attributes required to be successful in this field. Other things necessary to in mind are business knowledge of economies of different countries, understanding the modern trend in business, leadership and managing skills are required.

Employment Areas

•    Banks & Financial Institutions
•    Shipping Companies or Corporations
•    Export Houses
•    International Finance
•    Merchandiser
•    Transportation Corporations
•    Directorate General of foreign Trade
•    Marine Insurance Companies
•    State Trading Corporations
•    Dry Ports, Ports
•    Custom Clearing Houses

Job Types    

•    Investments Analyst
•    Financial Analyst
•    Corporate Analyst
•    Market Analyst
•    Accountant, Tax Advisor
•    Budget Analyst
•    Business Analyst
•    Marketing Manager
•    Money Manager
•    Investment Banker
•    Equity Research Analyst
•    Operations Manager
•    Revenue Agent
•    Personal Finance Consultant

Advance Course in B.F.T.    

•    M.B.A. (Foreign Trade)
•    Post Graduate Diploma in Foreign Trade

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