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Bachelor of Arts in Sanskrit is an undergraduate Sanskrit course. It concerns with the field of arts and covers the areas regarding Sanskrit literature: society, poetry, prose, drama, novels, grammar etc. B.A. is generally three academic year degree course and The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Gujarat is providing in three years in context of B.A. in Sanskrit. Time duration may be different from language to language. It may be provided on part time basis by certain institutes.


•    Minimum requirement is Higher Secondary (10+2) exam or its equivalent pass with second language Sanskrit.

How is B.A. Sanskrit Course Beneficial?    

•    There are many career options available for graduates in this field, for instance, they can become a teacher, translator or a freelancer as well.
•    They have also the option for taking private tuitions. There are various types of jobs available for interpreters, such as consecutive interpreter, general interpreter and liaison interpreter, etc.
•    Translation is also an option with them as they work in the fields such as scientific literary, technical or business. So it provides lot of career opportunities to them.
•    Freelancing is the new trend in the field of language career options. Freelancers join research firms, translation bureaus, publishing houses, international organizations, hotel industry, travel and tourism sector etc.


Syllabus of Sanskrit as prescribed by various Universities and Colleges.

Year I

Sr. No.

Subjects of Study


MIL Addl. Sanskrit

Sect. I

Hitopadesa (Mitralabha) Fables

Sect. II

ita- Sudhakumbhah - Selected Verses Subhas


Optional Sanskrit

Sect. I

Svapnavasavadattam of Bhasa – (complete)

Sect. II

Kumarasambhavam of Kalidasa (Canto V)

Year II                                       


Minor Paper - I

Sect. I

Vikramorvasiyam of Kalidasa (Complete)

Sect. II



Minor Paper - II

Sect. I

a (Ullasa I) (Complete) Kavyaprakasa of Mammat

Sect. II

a (Ullasa X - Selected Ala Kavyaprakasa of Mammat


Major Paper – I

Sect. I

Abhijnanasakuntalam of Kalidasa (Complete)

Sect. I



Major Paper - II

Sect.  I

a (Parichhedas) I Sahityadarpan & II- complete

Sect. II

a (Parichheda X) – Selected Alamkaras Sahityadarpan


Major Paper - III

Sect. I

History of Classical Sanskrit Literature (Selected authors)

Sect. II

ti - Chapter 2 (Complete) Manusmr

Year III


Paper - IV

Sect. I

a-Siddhantakaumudi, Samjna , Paribhasa,Vaiyakaran & as (complete) Karaka Prakaran

Sect. II



Paper - V

Sect. I

Vedic Reader- Selected hymns

Sect. II

ads – Kena) Upanis & ha (Complete), Kat


Paper - VI

Sect. I

Vedantasara of Sadananda (Complete)

Sect. II

a (Complete Samkhya-Karika of Isvarakr


Paper - VII

Sect. I

History of Vedic literature

Sect. II

ilya (Complete), Arthasastra of Kaut


Paper - VIII

Sect. I

tam - (Selected Topics) tagadyamr Sanskr

Sect. II

tanibandhacandrika (Selected Essays ) Sanskr


Paper – IX

Sect. I

a (Taranga VII) – Complete of Kalhan Rajatarangin

Sect. II

Savitrisatakam of Modern Jayadeva (Complete)


•    Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, New Delhi
•    Guru Nanak Khalsa College, Karnal
•    Tilak Maharastra Vidyapeeth, Pune
•    Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda College - Autonomous, Chennai

Course Suitability    

•    Students those who interested in Sanskrit language and its related educational areas, etc. are most suitable for this course.
•    Those who are willing to go for teaching fields aiming to become lecturer at college and university level both in private and government institutions also are eligible for it.
•    Those who have good communication, interpersonal skills and willing to preserve the heritage of Sanskrit literature.

Job Types

•    Customer Care Specialist
•    Interpreter
•    Teacher - Sanskrit
•    Translator
•    Tutor - Sanskrit language

Advance Courses in B.A. Sanskrit

•    M.A. (Sanskrit)
•    M.Phil. (Sanskrit)
•    Ph.D. (Sanskrit)

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