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A content writer is a creative professional who understands how the major search engines work and what people are searching for when they visit particular websites. Their job is to ensure that their clients’ content is relevant enough to create interest for consumers, plus answer any of their questions and possibly convert them into a customer. Content writers work with their clients in order to determine how to bring the greatest possible benefit to potential readers.


Web content writers require some formal education. Most companies hire content writers based on the graduation and good command over the target specific language (most commonly English). It is the command over the language that matters more than the educational qualification. A unique and thorough knowledge of standard writing practices along with creative thinking is necessary for content writers. There are specialized certificate programs in electronic writing and other also. Writing is the most important skill to excel in this job. Whatever degree holder you are, if you have a good command over language and got writing skills, then you are fit for the job.


Recent statistics reveal that there is a great demand of content writers in India as lot of startups are coming up and they are likely to hire talented content writers to increase their online reach. There is a vast scope of growth in this field today and in near future. Employment of writers and editors is expected to grow about as fast as the average for all occupations. Competition is expected for writing and editing jobs because many people with the appropriate training and talent are attracted to the occupation. 

One of the biggest sectors that has seen an increase in the need for content services is the e-commerce space. The exponential growth that the e-commerce industry is seeing globally is a big positive for content writers. E-commerce companies need quality content to describe their products in a way that appeals to their customers.With a strong English-speaking population, India ranks among the countries that are best equipped to handle the growing demand for content globally.


It is difficult to find a content writer who has deep experience with the industry they work for. Yet such knowledge and experience are essential for a copywriter to succeed.  Even though many industries hire proficient content writers, they may lack an indispensable component that makes the entire effort meaningful – experience in industry.

The greatest challenge is to hire people who possess experience in the niche for which they will be writing. As most content writers works as freelancers today, the credibility of the matter they prepare may not be a punch. Content marketing is going to be a viable form of marketing for the next few hundred years. So this great challenge should be wiped off and we should produce amazing, talented and creative workforce that could well communicate with target audiences.


It is not new that companies identify the challenge of recruiting qualified skilled workers. They cannot find individuals with the knowledge and skills they need and they are constantly faced with turnover and lost productivity. They may find candidates who are qualified formally but may not be satisfied with their work as the candidates may not possess the actual skill that the company was in want of a particular job role. In such case, we act as succor to find right skilled candidates for them.

If you find our platform fertile, register your company details to http://www.nationalskillindiamission.in/member/registration/2/.  We assure you that we will provide skilled and proficient employees apt for the job role you offer.


There are many unemployed graduates in our country today. It is because their qualifications and skills do not match job market needs. A mere 20% of today’s workforce has the skills needed for 60% of the jobs that will be arising within the next five to ten years. So it is not important whether you are graduated or not but it is time to upgrade your skills to suit for a particular job that you apply for. To solve the imbalance, all you need is to assess your skills based on your job role and get skill assessed. If you choose to, we will assess your skills. And if you encounter a skill gap, we’ll provide you with the gap filling opportunity to acquire more contemporary, relevant skills and continue your career journey. We will act as an aid to get you fit into appropriate jobs. We will also send your Skill Assessment Record to various HR and industrial heads for better placement opportunities.

If you find our platform fertile, furnish your details http://www.nationalskillindiamission.in/member/registration/14/


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