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Fashion journalists write about clothing and accessories for newspapers, magazines, and websites.

Fashion writers create features and copy for a variety of media including fashion magazines, advertising and trade publications, newspapers and, increasingly, online forums such as blogs and online magazines.

 They might attend fashion shows and study designer and celebrity fashions to pinpoint trends. They also might be required to get information by conducting interviews with designers or researching the industry.

Fashion journalists often get to travel and meet lots of people, but hours can be irregular, and if articles are written on a freelance basis, work might not be steady.



The educational requirements for becoming a fashion journalist may vary, typically depending on the requirements of the employer. Many employers however, will expect you to have a degree in Fashion Journalism or Journalism. If you don’t have such a degree, employers may still give you a shot if you have an impressive portfolio of work.
Although having a degree may not be a requirement for employment (such as if you own your own fashion blog), it will put you on course to learn the basic skills and competencies required of fashion journalists, and help you progress to the point where you are an independent creative thinker who is capable of making an effective contribution to the relevant sector of the fashion industry.

Developing online skills is also important. Like most journalists, fashion writers are increasingly being asked to upload content to publication websites and promote material through social media. 



If you want to become a fashion journalist, you first need to determine if this career path is a good fit for your skills, interests and personality traits. These are some of the aptitudes you will need to display or develop in order to be successful as a fashion writer.

•    Written English of an extremely high written standard
•    An interest in, and good understanding of, fashion and the fashion industry
•    A good sense of style or aesthetic judgement
•    Networking skills and sociability
•    Ability to meet deadlines and work to a strict editorial remit



As fashion journals, magazines and editorials increase day by day, the fashion journalism industry is expected to also grow as a result.

Writing jobs are expected to rise by 2017. There are freelance columnists, freelance writers, staff reporters, and freelance reporters etc, all competing for the same projects so there is a lot of completion even though the industry is expected to grow.



 If the following description sounds like you, then you’re probably well suited for a career as a fashion journalist:
• You have a passion for writing and fashion
• You are an independent and creative thinker
• You are willing to immerse yourself in the world of fashion, both past and present
• You are willing to check your ego at the door when it comes to getting interviews
• You are willing to start at the bottom while gaining experience
• You are able to handle professional criticism, and rejection
• You are able to set long-term career goals
 • You are willing to do the little things that will help you accomplish your long-term career goals
• You are willing to endure periods of limited income while building a client base or finding stable employment


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