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A career as a proposal coordinator could be a great fit for you if you have a keen interest in brining information together, and working in a marketing environment. This field offers the chance to work with a variety of specialists (such as graphic designers and writers), and a chance to flex your project management muscles.


Who is a Proposal Coordinator?

As a proposal coordinator, you would be responsible for preparing proposals for funding, business development, project bids, mergers and other purposes.
This would involve preparing the proposal work plan, and collect and organize proposal content, with the ultimate goal of producing well-organized and comprehensive proposals that are based on client-defined requirements.

Although your job duties might vary from job to job, you would likely be responsible for the following:
• Conferring with clients to obtain proposal details and instructions
• Working with proposal professionals and specialists, such as writers, editors, publishers, and graphics artists
• Developing style guides and creating computer graphics based on handwritten notes
• Creating proposal outlines and drafts
• Proofreading drafts and preparing final edition of each proposal
• Ensuring completed proposals are professional, comprehensive and credible
• Ensuring completed proposals adhere to the guidelines specified by the client, and will assist them in meeting their objectives
• Tracking completion of assignments


Education Needed to Become a Proposal Coordinator

Employers tend to prefer hiring proposal coordinators with bachelor's degrees in areas related to the work, such as English, communications, or marketing. This can vary however, as some employers only require applications to have a diploma, and others require a graduate degree in one of the fields mentioned above. 


Skills Needed to Become a Proposal Coordinator

In order to be effective in your career as a proposal coordinator, you need to have a certain set of skills and personal traits, which includes:
• Exceptional editing/proof-reading skills
• Strong attention to detail and ability to manage complex tasks 
• Flexibility and cross cultural sensitivity
• Highly organized, dependable and able to prioritize competing demands in order to meet deadlines
• High level of proficiency with Microsoft Office suite tools
• Comfortable when working and interacting at all levels in a multidisciplinary environment
• Superior client focus with a positive
• Willing to occasionally work after hours and on weekends, and sometimes on short notice in order to meet deadlines


Who Creates Jobs for Proposal Coordinators?

Proposal coordinators can be employed by virtually any type of organization that sells a product or service that they need to take to market. They can also be employed by organizations that need to form strategic partnerships, for service delivery purposes, fundraising, or other purposes. Potential employers include:
• Private manufacturers, distributors and retailers
• Consulting firms
• Non-profit organizations
• Colleges and universities
• Professional service firms
• Government agencies (all levels)
• Many other types of organizations


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