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Video game developers help make the imaginary seem real. They turn the vision of the game artists and designers into reality by utilizing programming and coding languages.
Video game developers work among a team of professionals, whose collective efforts are responsible for the development of video games on various platforms, such as game consoles, computers, mobile phones and the Internet.

Some video game developers, such as those that work for companies that produce relatively simple games, may be responsible for a wide variety of tasks in the development of a video game, ranging from the development of the concept for a video game, to the design and programming of that game.
Other video game developers, such as those that work for companies that produce complex games, may be responsible for focusing on one highly complex and specialized area, such as developing the core engine that drives the whole game; the 3D graphics component; music and digital sounds; or network programming, used to connect players online. 



Many employers prefer to hire candidates for Video Game Developer jobs that have a bachelor’s degree in a field such as computer science, software engineering, or a specialized field such as video game development.

Entry without a degree is sometimes possible particularly if you have relevant experience, although most people who work in games are graduates.



When hiring video game developers, employers and clients will typically look for candidates with the following skills:

• Able to translate the gameplay’s vision into programming
• Find it easy to visualize code as real game elements
• Have high attention to detail for catching glitches and bugs
• Able to stay focused on challenges and fixing problems until the cast is complete
• Be able to work efficiently and under pressure
• Thrive in a fast-paced environment
• Solid working knowledge of a variety of scripting languages
• Solid working knowledge of object oriented programming languages
• Posses strong knowledge of programming data structures, logic, and algorithms



With sufficient industry experience and competence, video game developers can move into a variety of positions with greater levels of pay and responsibility.

Within a large company, they may move into supervisory and management positions such as Lead Developer, Technical Director or Director of Operations. They may also choose to start their own gaming company or become freelancers. 



In order to become effective in a career as a video game developer, you need to posses a certain set of skills and personality traits. Take a look at the ideal traits of a game developer below; if they describe you, then it’s likely that you’re well-suited for this field:

• A passion for video games
• A deep understanding of what makes certain video games good, and others bad
• Enjoy using math and physics to solve problems

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How to become a Video game developer?

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