Jumpers Premier League 2K18

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Indian Sports Industry is developing so vast than one could imagine, with a plethora of oppurtunities. One example of a growing sector that is spanning several career sectors is the esports industry, also known as competitive video gaming, which is played live and broadcast to an online audience comprising millions of viewers worldwide. Advent of varoius games tournaments and e sporting ventures in India along with the media explosion has helped to popularize various games. And as a result the amount of investment in e-sports industry has increased. This lucrative, multi-million dollar industry is currently booming and possibilities exist for career paths in a range of disciplines

Let your first foot step to e sports industry may begin from Jumpers premier League 2018. Jumpers priemier league 2018 aka JPL 2K18 is an online game tournament. The event happens online for the most part, with the finalists from JPL tour series in the month of November – December of 2018. First 1024 winner members from JPL tour 2K18 will be selected for the championship JPL 2K18.

The championship has two main categories, JPL Tour and Qualifying tournament. You will be selected for Jpl Tour only after winning the three level qualifying tournament for JPL tour 2K18. It doesn't cost a penny.

What is JPL Tour 2K18?

Jumpers priemier league tour 2018 is a series of 40 games. Such as JPL tour game1, JPL tour game2,  JPL tour game3 , JPL tour game4 as follows. The points achieved by the gamers in JPL tour will be decisive to enter into the final championship JPL 2K18. The Toppest 1024 winners from JPL 2 series can participate to the final level. JPL Tour series starts on 1st of Januray 2018 and ends on 31st October 2018.

How can I Participate in JPL Tour 2K18?

Inorder to get selected for JPL tour series, the participants have to pass the Qualifying tournament for Jpl tour 2K18.

What is Qualifying tournament?

Qualifying Tournament is a three level game tournament. Each level will be played between 8 gamers. And the winner of the final level can participate to JPL Tour.

How Can I Enroll to Qualifying Tournament?

Only thing you need is to register for the qualifying tournament and the Registration Opens from 1st December 2017 onwards.

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Jumpers Premier League 2K18

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