Bachelor of Science – Hotel Management and Tourism

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By Nsim Team

The hotel and tourism industry are the most booming industries in India. Both the sectors are responsible for generating a huge revenue for the country, thus contributing to the gross domestic product to a great extent. Not only are they responsible for generating huge and direct employment opportunities, but also generate indirect employments in many sectors. This is the reason why many students are opting for this course in their graduation and are soaring very high in their professional career. This specific course can also be regarded as one of the most promising courses that one can ever pursue in a country like India where unemployment is one of the major problems. It has been found that with the onset of rapid globalization in India, the requirement for trained professionals has increased in almost every sector. The huge demand for skilled professionals in the tourism and hospitality sector makes hotel management and tourism course one of the best in the country, along with this, the tourism and hospitality sector is also one of the fastest developing sectors in India.

The promising, as well as vibrant career prospects along with huge growth paths, makes tourism and hospitality sector as one of the most attractive and lucrative career choices for many high school students. The main focus of the course is to impart knowledge to the students on everything related to hotel and tourism management, ranging from production of food, quality, hygiene, sanitation, and housekeeping management. They are also imparted with the knowledge to handle matters related to accounts, and finances of their clients. The training that is imparted on them is so extensive that it will enable the students to handle any sort of situation with ease and in turn, it helps them to meet each and every demand of their clients. 

Eligibility:Any student willing to pursue a c must be within twenty-two years of age and must pass the higher secondary examination from a recognized board or university with at least fifty percent marks.

Duration: 3 years.

Syllabus Structure:

The syllabus structure of the degree course in hotel management and tourism is a very specific one and it entirely focuses on developing the skills of the students in the hospitality sector. It enlightens the student with event management courses, travel, and tourism management and also focuses on developing their communication skills, marketing strategies and personality development. Besides this, the course also focuses on developing the organizational skills, teamwork skills, and interpersonal skills. The course also cover wide areas of social science, managerial accounting, economics and human resource management.

Benefits of the Course:

A bachelor’s of science degree in hotel management and tourism can be one of the best decisions in one’s life and it can also pave way for a wide variety of opportunities in the professional world. This three-year degree course provides the students with all the necessary knowledge and skill to get employed in the tourism and hospitality sector with a very high annual package.  This specific course guarantees the student with a definite employment either in the tourism or in the hotel chains. The candidates are also provided with the thorough knowledge of becoming an entrepreneur and are also taught to handle their clients with their highly polished communication skills. Thus, it can be easily concluded that a B.Sc. in hotel management and tourism prepares the student for a journey in the entry-level to mid-level positions during the starting phases of the career and later on, once can also start their own tourism agency. The most significant reason behind the growing popularity of hotel and tourism management course is its advanced internship programs and high employment scopes coupled with huge growth paths in the future.

Job Role:

Restaurant Manager: Restaurant managers are endowed with the complete responsibility to take care of each and every need of their customers under their roof. They are also responsible for supervising each and every staff and are required to make sure whether all the staff is working properly or not.

Lodging and Food Service Manager: Lodging and food service managers are required to make sure that all the guests who are residing in their hotel are entirely happy and contended with their services. Their main duty is to make sure that their visitors are having an enjoyable experience in the hotel. They sometimes also check whether every kind of food and beverages have been properly served to their customers or not. Besides this, another important duty is to make sure that the hotel is running smoothly and efficiently, but in profit.

Event Managers: The event managers are entirely dedicated to managing almost every kind of events on a business tour. Their sole motive is to ensure client satisfaction by arranging their business meetings and seminars in the most appropriate destinations. They also have the responsibility to arrange proper transportation for reaching there.

Tour Advisor: A tour advisor is a person who helps tourists to plan and also to decide where to go during their holidays. They can easily help the tourists to draw a perfect tour plan within the given budget and can also make them aware of the place that they are visiting.

Employment Area:

  • Hotels and Restaurants like I.T.C and J.W Marriot group of hotels.
  • Railways and Airlines like Air India, Spicejet, and IndiGo etc.
  • Tourism Companies like Flight Centre, Corporate Traveler, and FCM Travel Solutions etc.
  • Lecturers in Colleges and Universities.


Know Where to Pursue a Degree in Tourism in India

The bachelor’s degree in tourism and hotel management is one of the most popular courses in the world, especially in India. The country attracts a huge number of tourists every year and there always exists a positive correlation between the tourism and hospitality sector. So, there is a huge prospect for anyone who is studying management courses in tourism and hotel management in India. The main agenda of the ‘National Skill India Mission’ (NSIM) is to encourage the youth to take up management courses in tourism and hospitality sector so that there is never a dearth of experienced professionals in the hotel and tourism industry. So, in order to meet up the rising demand for these courses, a wide array of colleges have started providing degree courses in tourism and hotel management. Indian Institute of Hospitality and Management - Mumbai is one of the best colleges in the nation that provides a complete three years degree course to its students in hospitality and tourism. The college is entirely dedicated to provide all kinds of placement assistance to the students and hence, the students can be completely sanguine of getting placed in the top tourism companies or in the best hotels or restaurants. Times Business School – Ahmedabad is yet another premier institution that offers the best in class three years degree course in hotel management and tourism. They also have one of the best placement cells in the country and are always dedicated to take care of each and every need of their student. Thus, it can be easily concluded that Indian Institute of Hospitality and Management – Mumbai and Times Business School – Ahmedabad are one of the best colleges to pursue Bachelor of Science in hotel management and tourism in India.


About Indian Institute of Hospitality and Management

Indian Institute of Hospitality and Management, Maharashtra was established in the year 2003. College is affiliated to YCMOU University, Annamalai University and also with Maharashtra board of vocational educational examination. The college has one of the most advanced facilities and infrastructure for the students as far a degree course in tourism and hotel management is concerned. It also has one of the best educated and experienced professors and they always put forward their best effort to develop the skill of the students to the maximum extent. The most significant advantage is that the teachers to students’ ratio are also very low and this, in turn, ensures better attention and care towards the students. The faculty there is extremely dedicated towards the students and always make use of the latest techniques involving the most modern technologies to impart knowledge on them. It was also among the first colleges in India to have made the campus a complete Wi-Fi zone along with slides on projectors in air-conditioned classrooms. They also provide their students with the best internship programs in the country and also assist the students in getting international placements. The partnership with many national and international hotel chains makes the placement cell of this college one of the best in the country. The most noteworthy facility that they offer is that they provide complete assistance to all the students in every kind of visa related problems.


Graduate/Post Graduate Programs Offered at Mumbai

  • B.Sc. In Hospitality & Tourism Studies (3 Years).
  • B.Sc. In Hospitality Study & Catering Services (3 Years).
  • B.Sc. In Hotel Management & Tourism (3 Years).
  • MBA In Hotel Management & Tourism (2 Years).
  • M.Sc. In Food Science (2 Years).
  • M.Sc. In Hotel Management (2 Years).
  • M.Sc. In Tourism (2 Years).



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